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Yesterday, after a normal Ramadan day watching James Bond movies -the Roger Moore ones, of course-, Gatsby was in the mood for new scenarios and new adventures. Atlas Palais Medina & Spa Fes opened a few months ago, belonging to the sometimes prestigious and sometimes doggy hotel group Atlas Hospitality, and was about time to pay it a visit. Plain t-shirt and velvet smoking shoes were probably enough for the occasion, better overdressed than underdress, and Oscar Wilde would have agreed. The Hotel is situated in the road that links the New Town with the Medina, in the very same spot where a couple of years ago there was only a couple of really scary Petrol Stations. With long palmtrees, manicured gardens and its own door recalling Bab Boujelloud the hotel becomes one of the big players in the area. The lobby is spacious and elegant, the staff is really polite and welcoming, but without being intrusive, and the swimming pool at night was the perfect spot for a late drink listening to some old arab music. The rooms are modern and big, and prices are not too bad either, almost cheaper that the drinks (Orange Juice 60 dhs). The only problem is that not being in the medina the hotel does not attract foreign tourists for now, but rather a fashionable crowd from Rabat and Casablanca. Gatsby knows that an incredible Nightclub and Lounge are now in construction, the arquitect being a dear friend, someone not to forget, the same who designed the famous L'Italien Restaurant near Champs de Courses. For more infos have a look at their website:
61 - 75 of 75 Posts
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