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Fibre Optic Cables To be Fitted in All Counties

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Work on fibre optic cable to start next month.Dr. Fred Matiang'i the cabinet secretary of ICT said the government was to determind to improve broadband access in the county.The ministry commenced laying an additional 1600kilometers of National optic fibre Backbone Infrasrtucture phase a to already exsisting 4300kilometers laid in the first face.The project will include installation of unified telecommunication system in their headquaters in treasury building.the information bill and Data protection bill have been submitted to the cabinet for approval.the review of national ICT master plan is complete and is set to be launched before june and ICT guidelines and standards have been developed.
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[email protected]O borrow a leaf from Kenya Power to layout 4000 kilometres.All electriciy lines contain a fibre optic cable.Source: Daily Nation.
It is good to note that KETRACO is currently constructing a 328km trasmission line between Mombasa and Lamu,450km line between Nairobi and Mombasa,600km line between Ethiopia and Kenya,400km between Loyangalani ann suswa and 420km between L.Turukana and Suswa among other projects.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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