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Finch and Yonge Update (No Pics)

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Meridian 1 & 2 (Tridel)

If anyone is ever by this location with a camera please take a picture. This building is unbelievably wide. My guess is that it has a larger width to length (I think that’s what it’s called) ratio then 1 K West. At 31 and 26 floors they are going to be two fat buildings. The rendering doesn’t do it justice:

The first tower is at about 14 floors the second still around the base. The fact that it is all glass without any balconies is pretty apeeling (The glass they have put on so far does looks pretty decsent)

C-Condominiums (1 and 2) (Empire Communities):

Both are being constructed at the same time, there on the 4th or so floor.

Pulse (1 and 2) (pemberton):

They just started excavating the site now. I think they will build the first tower first and the second (They are now marking the second condo)

By the end of the summer there will be about 6 or so cranes for these 6 buildings (3 rite now), all at Yonge and Finch :D
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I freuquent that area often, but have no pics. Meridian is in danger of turning into a couple of moden slabs, but on the bright side Pulse could turn out very cool looking.
yes... meridian is not going to exceed or even meet my expectations... the colour of the glass and the colour of the paneling is not very attractive.
Again i walked by it today... Its just such a massive project its scary - Also Meridian 2 is not under contruction it was just 1 + the base. And yes .. from one side it is more then a slab .. slab does not do it justice .. and from the other side its thinner then 1KW
Speaking of NYCC, here's a render of the new Luxe condo by menkes, looks pretty decent. NYCC just keeps getting denser and denser!! :)

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Looks really decent for NYCC - to decent :cucumber: we dont want it in NYCC
Dia by TasDesignBuild is also under construction

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I know that area pretty well because I bought a unit in Pulse phase 1 on the 16th floor. I'm 26 and it's the first time that I'll be an owner and I'm looking forward to move there !!

I go in the area once a week to see how much the building has progressed.

I'll try to take some photos of those 3 projects but I don't own a digital camera. I'll have to borough one.

I just have one concerns. Since the Pulse is just digging at this moment, when approximatively when it will be ready to move in ? On the contract it says March 07 but I HIGHLY doubt that this is possible if we look at everything that need to be done until it is ready to move.
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well if you live near the top it will likely take longer to movie.

The thing is condos take a long time to dig up the hole they will be in. Thats were pakring, utilities and the massive foundations go. However once they actuallt start building the floors they rise very fast.
March 07?, i doubt it! ... we'll almost be neighbors lol - I live one block down Grandview Way - the massive tidel development.

I’ll keep you updated on its progress, I bike by it, along with all the other projects we have mentioned, on may way to York University.

ps - Dia is a very interesting project (Won an award for something if i recal)
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I'd say november

The property management is suspect for the couple of Pemberton towers at Y & F I've been in - they remind me more of a student residences than luxury condo apartments
Meridian is topped out and almost finished cladding.

Pulse 1 & 2 are almost at ground level. There is a huge crane at work there in the excavation pit.

There is a wall of condo (i.e. no gaps) for about 5 building widths along Yonge at the Finch intersection.
:((Well I'm just keen on NYCC developing it's own real downtown.But what about Etobicoke...
TasDesignBuild produces great work (for generic buildings)
Lots of nice looking condo's going up this area. I especially like the Tridel buildings.
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