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Fire in the Hollywood Hills

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To sum it up...

There is a big fire going on right now close by me in Hollywood going through Griffith Park and destroying a lot of the park, trails etc... The Griffith Observatory is among the important structures and many homes that is close to the fire. Over 2000 people have lost power in the area.

The architecture firm I intern/work at was one of primary firms working on the restoration/expansion etc. of the Griffith Observatory (before I started working there).

Here are some pictures I took from my roof. A lot of the people in my building were up there earlier taking pictures. The fire got worse after these pictures were taken, but hopefully they are getting it under control.

Anyway sorry for the monotone quickover on this but I'm tired and felt like doing a quick post.

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Fascinating pics. I work in Glendale and we have a nice view of the Fire. Its unfortunate that all the wildlife, trails and trees are gone. For outsiders that dont know, Griffith Park pretty much separates the LA Basin from the Valley, with its peaks at roughly 1700 feet, with Deer, Coyotes, and even a couple of Mountain Lions. The LA Zoo, Autry Museum, the Griffith Observatory, the Greek Theater and a few Golf courses are in the area.
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Here are some of mine:

(Daylight turning orange due to smoke)

(looked like it was over)

(guess not.)

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^^ We've had worse

RED = 2003 fire
PINK = Today. ( I circled it with a red circle )
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I am afraid , and how the situation there right now ?
It'll be doused by tomorrow.
It's all calm now.
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