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FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped underneath

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Heads will roll for this, after the MDC garage collapse and now this!

The FIU pedestrian bridge across Southwest Eighth Street collapsed Thursday afternoon, trapping an unknown number of people and cars underneath.

The bridge was installed at Southwest 109th Avenue Saturday morning, intended eventually to provide pedestrian access across Tamiami Trail from FIU’s main campus to Sweetwater, where thousands of students live in off-campus housing or in FIU’s newer dorms.

Before Saturday’s installation, FIU said the method of overall installation significantly reduced the risk to workers, walkers, drivers and minimized traffic disruptions for construction.
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I'm sure the cheaper ABC thing passed their money-friendly CBA, but maybe this and the MDC prefab thing as well as the school thing can
help expose FL as a backwards and conservative wasteland.
Wow Nadsat anyone? (A Clockwork Orange)

".. and then I leaned in real close and all listen-ly like."
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