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5 star hotels in Budapest:

Grand Hotel Royal


Corinthia Aquincum Hotel


Kempinski Hotel Corvinus


Sydney Apartment Hotel


Andrassy Hotel


Inter-Continental Budapest


Imo the best and most beautiful Hotel in Budapest is the Gellért Hotel though.. It is a 4 star hotel:


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There are 8 five star hotels in Slovenia..

Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled

Hotel Lev, Ljubljana

Hotel Habakuk, Maribor

Hotel Grad Otočec, Otočec

Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož

Grand Hotel Metropol, Portorož

(dark red building in the middle)

Grand Hotel Palace, Portorož

Hotel Kendov Dvorec, Spodnja Idrija
It's a manor in the countryside of Western Slovenia, relatively unknown, but looks good..

Although to me, personally, there are 4-star hotels that look better than some of these 5-stars.. for example Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana.. that hotel is very nice!

^^The famous Union Hall in GH Union^^

Also, to compare, while there are 8 five star hotels here, there are 71 four star hotels and 92 three star hotels..

There are also 2 (AFAIK, maybe more) five star hotels going to be opened in the next couple of years. Those are a five star hotel in Moravske Toplice and the original, renovated, Hotel Palace in Portorož.

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Unfortunately, maybe a little bit shame :sleepy: there are no 5stars hotels in Slovakia yet, although two of them are in construction/reconstruction now, both belonging to Kempinski group:

Grand Hotel Kempinski in High Tatras (in reconstruction) - will be opened in 2006

and Kempinski hotel River park in Bratislava (in construction), planned opening in 2006

Besides that there is a good selection of 4 stars hotels in the whole Slovakia.

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Cream of the crop - Warsaw
Le Royal Meridien Bristol

Hotel Le Regina

Mamaison Diana Residence

Hyatt Regency Warsaw

Sofitel Victoria Warsaw

Rialto Hotel

Radisson SAS Centrum


Sheraton Hotel

Westin Hotel

Intercontinental Warsaw

and one 5* u/c
Hilton Warsaw

photo by hugwawa1

Unfortunatelly, they have recently changed the design :( to the one showed above ;(

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I'm not sure if these are all of the 5 star hotels in Ukraine, but these were all I could find. It's a shame we don't have a 5 star hotel in Lviv.

Donbass Palace Hotel
Donetsk, Ukraine

Premier Palace Hotel
Kiev, Ukraine

Grand Hotel Ukraine
Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Odessa (former Kempinksi) Hotel
Odessa, Ukraine

Victoria Hotel
Donetsk, Ukraine


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Regent Esplanade Hotel 5* Hotel, 207 Rooms, 7 Suites, 1 (280m squared) Presidential Suite.
Probably best Hotel in Zagreb, very opulent and luxurious, stayed in this hotel in 2000. Esplanade sister hotel if you have it is famed Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills famed for being often used in movies, Beverly Hills Cop, Pretty Woman and few other great movies where filmed there.

Hotel Westin - 5* typical chain hotel not much to say about... 412 Rooms, 42 Suites, 2 Presidential Suites.

Hotel Sheraton - 5* , again same as with Westin - 302 Rooms, 24 Suites, 2 Presidential Suites.

Hotel Palace, very nice upper 4* Hotel, stayed in this hotel, service is very nice and personal. 120 Rooms, 4 Suites, 1 Ambassador Suite.

Hotel Croatia in Cavtat, 5* - 400 Rooms, 84 Suites and 1 Presidential Suite.

Hotel Argentina and Resorts 5* Hotel, 150 Rooms, 8 Suites and 1 Presidential Suite.

Hotel Ambasador - 5* in Opatija,

Construction of Hilton and one more 5* Hotel in Zagreb is planed for 2006. Hilton Hotel is in negotiations with city of Zagreb for location in very hart of the city just of the Ban Jelacic Square for luxury 5* 215 room Hotel. :cheers:

edit -----

Croatia has many 5* hotels, even more 4* hotels and even more 3* and 2* hotels. In register of Hotel's for 2003 in Croatia there are over 1000 Hotels, and 3000 Inn's, 50 Tourist villages and so on. It is good estimate that in Croatia currently there are about 50 5* Hotels many are smaller establishments with 30-50 rooms only, but many are large extravagant affairs like Excelsior, President or Hilton in Dubrovnik or Imperial, Ambassador or Bellevue in Opatija and so on...

Many 5* hotels are already under construction as we speak, on Adriatic cost as well as in interior, Zagreb is getting 2 new 5* hotels soon to be joined by 4 brand new 4* hotels. :cheers:

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Hotel situation in Kiev:

In a city that should boast at least a dozen 5 star hotels, we are finally seeing a start. Again this bodes well for the future.

One is a reconstruction - Hotel Ukraina and the second is a new hotel - the Intercontinental St. Sophia.

Several other new 5 Star hotel projects are in the planning stages but these are often tied to such large reconstruction projects that I fear that delays due to greed will be inevitable.

One of these is the reconstruction of the Hotel Moskva which seems to be tied to a $235 million "center city" reconstruction. Another involves Hotel Dnipro with a similar huge "European Square" reconstruction, and a third is the President Hotel and Conference Center, which has plans for a $293 million reconstruction complex. Still another is the ill-fated "Makulan Center" next to Besarabka which has promises from an Israeli investor for a $230 million hotel, shopping and office center.

However, there seems to be a jinx on this property since after 3 tries there still is no movement with the ugliest shell that exists in the center of any major European city. Several smaller ones such as the Sports Hotel are also in the planning and early execution stages.
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