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Mi3max tried to create a similar thread: ONE WORLD (from Flickr daily) - one photo per person per day, but because the title was not explicit, over time people forget the rule and started to post any photo.

What is Flickr Explore? Is a page created by Flickr where are selected the best photos uploaded in a period of 24 hours by Flickr members. The photos are automatically selected by Flickr engines according to some algorithms. Having a photo included on Explore page brings thousands of views (possibly tens of thousands) to that photo and many views to your photostream.

So on this thread people are invited to post photos from FDlickr Explore:

The rules are:

- one photo / post
- chose the 1600 pixels resolution of the photo instead the 1024 pixels one. If that photos doesn't have an 1600 pixels resolution, renounce at posting it.
1 - 20 of 658 Posts