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last month, i went to las vegas with some friends. on our return trip, we flew over the western us during the day for the first time in my experience. i took the opportunity to take pictures. we had a connecting flight in houston, so the pictures are of arizona, new mexico, and texas. if there are any photo interpreters out there, there are a few pictures that i haven't been able to determine on my own. maybe you can help me figure out what are in those pictures in question.

i'll start with a couple las vegas pictures, and continue from that.

skip a couple las vegas pictures to save time...

the last vegas picture

this was taken minutes after the last vegas picture. anyone know what this is?

i'm guessing these next few pictures are of lake mead, but what part? and in what direction was i flying?

a close up of the previous picture since i've never seen a desert before.

meadview, arizona

these next few pictures are of the grand canyon.

i'll skip a picture that had too many clouds

one more of a river

here's one with too many clouds to identify anything on land, but it looks nice so i uploaded it anyway.

a couple desert pictures. these locations are between grand canyon n.p. and flagstaff, arizona.

i believe this is humphrey's peak, the highest opint in arizona at 12,633 feet.

looks like a forest ending and a desert beginning. this is southeast of flagstaff.

this is chevelon canyon in northeastern arizona. winslow, arizona, is at the top left.

some farms, with what looks to be a lake to the left.

the desert, south of holbrook, arizona.

a little town in the desert. i believe this is snowflake, az at the top part, and taylor, az, at the bottom part.

skip a picture that didn't turn out well...

approaching the rocky mountains. this picture is the very eastern part of arizona.

a picture of the rocky mountains. i believe these mountains are in gila national forest.

the caballo reservoir on the left, the san andres mountains in the middle, and white sands national monument in the back. the rio grande valley is visible with all the green.

for the second picture, i have a closer look at the san andres mountains, which formed a pretty straight line, and white sands national monument behind it.

las cruces, new mexico, in these next two pictures. i was able to identify the interstate 10 and interstate 25 intersection at the right, as well as us route 70 as it comes down from the mountains and curls towards downtown. i was also able to identify amador and lohman avenues in downtown, and the new mexico state football stadium (i don't think you can see it in the picture, since it was pretty much straight down).

"EAT PECANS". this sign is huge, considering i could clearly read it from 35,000 feet in the air. i zoomed in a little to get a bigger picture. each letter much be the size of 4 city blocks. since i saw this as we flew over las cruces, it must be just outside of town, somewhat near the interstate 10 & 25 split.

chaparral, new mexico. the town ends kind of abruptly at the bottom, and this is the texas/newmexico border. also, you can see us route 54 at the right.

i believe this is the sierra tinaja pinta.

my skills tell me that this is dell city, texas. i can see the salt basin on the right, which is labelld in my road atlas. i couldn't really idenitify countyr routes 1437 or 1576.

i believe this is red bluff lake, on the border of loving and reeves counties. new mexico is in the distance, just past the northern edge of the lake.

this picture is of monahan, texas. interstate 20 curls around the city, and a county route cuts through the city, then parallels interstate 20 for a little while. i can see state route 18 heading northwest. lastly, the white area northeast of the city must be monahans sandhills state park.

i believe this is san angelo, texas.

this picture might be of the killeen/temple area. are those the twin buttes reservoirs on the right?

a picture with the twin reservoirs in the middle of the picture. killeen is on the right.

i finally figured out what city this is. this is hearne, texas, with the brazos river on the left.

this was the hardest picture to identify, but i think i finally got it. this picture is just noertheast of anderson, texas. state route 90 is seen going right through the middle of the picture. roans prairie is to the left of center in the picture, where route 90 seems to disappear into the countryside. state route 30 is then seen farther away, behind route 90. the town of anderson is just out of sight of the bottom of this picture.

a forest fire, which was visible for 3 to 5 minutes before we flew over it. this forest fire is just south of montgomery, texas, and west of conroe, texas. lake conroe is visible at the top, with state route 105 straddling the southern edge of lake conroe.

i believe this picture is of the woodlands, texas. about 20 seconds after i took this picture, i was able to identify a skyscraper located at an office park near what i presume is an interstate. right now, i can't remember if the skyscraper was in the developed area in between the lake and the interstate (near the upper middle), or down in the developed area at the bottom right of the picture.

at around the time of this picture, we had made a u turn and had goe from flying in a general eastern direction to a western direction. i think this is lake houston. is this correct?

here are few pictures of the houston skyline as we came in for the landing. i was sitting on the left of the plane, and we were landing at bush intercontinental, so i was looking south towards the city.

to finish it all off, here are a couple bonus pictures from my flight from houston to philadelphia.

here's a view of the mississippi river in louisiana. towards the top of the picture, mississippi becomes the eastern side of the river. the oxbow lake in the middle, raccourci old river, forms part of the border between west feliciana and pointe coupee parishes.

another picture of the mississippi river and raccourci old river are in the middle of the picture as we fly away.

sunset at 35,000 ft.


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