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Pictures are from last winter (burrrr!!!).

Flint's Woodcroft Estates neighborhood was founded in 1925, and was home to many of the early automobile executives. Still home to the city's upper-class, Woodcroft is located on the southwest side of the city (area number 1 on the map), across the highway from the remaining GM factories and Bishop Airport.

The Carriagetown Neighboorhood (area number 2 on the map) is adjacent to the northwest side of downtown Flint. It's name comes from the fact that it was home to the Durant-Dort Carriage company, which would later turn into General Motors. This neighboorhood has seen a significant amount of decline over the years, but it starting to reap the benefits of the downtown redevelopment that has been occuring in Flint, as well as an increase in demand for student housing at UM-Flint and Kettering University.

Let's start with Woodcroft:

The GM Complex peaking out from across the golf course and highway

Underground house

Now onto Carriagetown.

The Durant Hotel, under renovation:

View of downtown

Recently renovated Berridge Hotel (from a different day) and Tinnlinn house

Stalled Manhatten Place condo project

The Flint Road Cart Factory

The Durant Dort Carriage headquarters

New Townhomes

The old "Chevy-in-the-hole" site


Native American burial site that stopped construction of 10 new homes

Not stopping them from fixing up an existing house, though

Garbage day

Next renovation project?

New deli across from the Berridge

Gained a business, but losing another

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