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Located on the city's middle east side, the College/Cultural area (also known as East Village) is probably Flint's most stable neighborhood. It is home to the Flint Cultural Center and Mott Community College, as well as the Applewood Estate - the home of the late C.S. and Ruth Mott (I'll get pictures of Applewood at a later time). Flint Central High School and Whittier Classical Academy are also located here.

Gilkey Creek runs on the southern and western borders of the neighborhood

The closet thing you'll find to blight - fire damage


MCC Library

MCC Regional Technology Center

The only retail in the neighborhood

A few mansions:

Hidden among the trees

The Flint Cultural Center - Flint's Crown Jewel

Flint Institute of Arts

Flint Institute of Music- home of the Flint Symphony Orchestra and the Flint School of Performing Arts

Whittier Classical Academy next door to Flint Central

Flint Public Library

Longway Planetarium and part of Bower Theatre

Bower Theatre - home to the Flint Youth Theatre

The Whiting - Flint's main auditorium (not pretty on the outside, but nice inside)

Sarvis Conference Center

Buick Gallery and Research Center

On my way home, I pass by the few apartment buildings in the neighborhood

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