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Flood - ITV1, 8pm

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Okay, this has nothing to do with skyscrapers, but I thought I'd mention it anyway -

From what I've heard, the acting/plot isn't that good, but the special effects look quite interesting... :) Nice views of all the landmarks, etc.
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Didn't seem that long ago when it was released. I'll be watching it I think.
I saw the DVD in Morrisons earlier yet it isn't advertised as a film in the television guide. How strange. I'll be watching just for the special effects.
The book I fear will be much better than the film.
Oh boy... what a load of rubbish.

An American running the Thames Barrier, eye recognition....

Hope London gets destroyed soon, I can't sit through 2 hours of this junk.
^Indeed. Flood is one of the worst films I´ve ever seen. The acting/story is crap and the special effects are laughable.
I turned it off after a while it got boring. The affects weren't realistic enough to make it interesting and the storyline and acting is shocking.
Shame on you Robert Carliyle your usually really good.
Who is this American woman? Why is she in charge of everything?
Ahhh. That's the reason it went straight to DVD! It's shit!

The FX aren't even that good!

I wish I'd watched Indiana Jones for the 1,000th time instead!
.....I missed the bloody snooker for this crap. Good job I sky+ it.:)
This film was dire! Surely if they can afford to spend that much money on effects & hiring extras, they could have paid someone to write a decent script, & maybe a hire a half-decent actor/actress or two.

To be fair though the effects weren't that bad, for a low budget movie, but the rest...

Anyone else notice the bit where the blokes talking to the woman on the phone and he asks her 'are you sure this is a good idea?' and she replies 'yes I do'. Did they even bother to watch the film before they released it?

I'm tuning in tomorrow :D
Loved the addition of the environment agency number at the end - "If your concerned about flooding in your area...." classic.
got it on dvd its OK. but trys to be american too much maybe it would sell better there !
well just wait for part 2 they blow up the barrier :eek:
Typical, dumbed-down, clichéd rubbish. Poor science and O.T.T. special effects.

Sorry if I wasted anyone's time - I would never have started this thread if I realised how crap it was going to be...
i found it quite funny. i laughed when the two jumped into the estuary (who wouldn't do that lol) and swam to the boat, thought it was a scene from titanic lol.
For special effects, this is the best one of all -

Deep Impact

(spoiler alert)
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