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FLORIANPOLIS - Arena Florianopolis (42,473)

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Figuerense Futebol Clube

start of works=31/01/2010

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If the city is chosen to host the Cup in 2014, probably began in the maximum until July/2009, if not chosen, i do not know.
very large, in my opinion Florinópolis and Manaus have the best project of the World Cup would be an injustice both remain outside
Architect of Florianópolis Arena says project follows the style Bombonera

Thiago Fortkamp explained the project to the Internet clicRBS

Thiago Fortkamp Architect, responsible for the Arena project Florianópolis, which provides a reform in the Orlando Scarpelli and environment to be one of the headquarters of the World Cup in 2014, was in clicRBS participating in a chat with the Internet, which clarified questions about the construction.

The idea of the design of Fortkamp Arena Florianópolis was bring the fans of the game, like a cauldron, like the Vila Belmiro, the Saints, or La Bombonera, the Boca Juniors, Argentina.

- The stage will follow the style of the Bombonera, offering a close proximity of the public on the lawn. We are using the smaller distances required by Fifa, which will leave the audience virtually within the game.

He said that the project leaves the paper to the implementation of the Cup or not in Florianopolis.

- We are fully confident that this dream will soon become a reality. The Arena Florianópolis leaves with or without Cup - guaranteed.

According to him, the inspection conducted by Fifa last Saturday to examine the conditions offered by candidates for the host cities of the World Cup in 2014, had satisfactory results with regard to the Arena.

- The Fifa have made some technical considerations, but all were answered promptly and the technical team regarding the project. 1,064 vacancies will be in the stadium, around 2,100 vacancies in the immediate surroundings. The park will be partly underground. Professionally, I believe the Straits has all the conditions to host a match of World Cup, yes, and we're all for it being achieved.

Road system

One of the concerns of Internet users was in regard to urban mobility. The architect was emphatic in saying that the new road system through the subway surface, beyond the completion of the works of Beira-Mar Continental, two factors are favorable and that make the region suitable for hosting the games.

- Urban mobility is a problem in all cities in Brazil, but the new subway surface and other improvements in the streets of the neighborhood, as the completion of the Beira-Mar Continental will make the flow of people and vehicles entirely appropriate.

Another issue raised during the chat was about the name. Why call the new Arena stadium in Florianópolis Figueirense? According Fortkamp, this is one of the requirements of Fifa.

- FIFA does not allow the stages have names of persons or companies, and require that each stage be baptized with the name of the city - explained.

Private investment

Fortkamp also confirmed that investment in the Arena will be all in order and that the private partnerships for effective Figueirense Holdings has guaranteed the construction of the new stadium. Moreover, the architect explained the project's environmental concerns.

- Use all the rain water for irrigation of lawn, and reuse the water for health, allowing a great saving of water. Use solar energy through a project developed by the Institute and the Ideal Professor Richard Rutter, Federal University of Santa Catarina.

The start of work to take place on January 31, 2010. The estimate for completion is on December 31, 2012, within the timetable set to host the Cup in 2014.

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so this was is canceled?
Florianopolis unfortunately was not chosen as headquarters for the Cup in 2014. But the project is in progress, but unfortunately will not be for the Cup
The project is not chosen for WC but not cancelled then for what? For club use? Is there any football club (preferably in 1st division) which will use the stadium?
Yes Florianopolis 2 clubs the Avai (1st Division) and Figueirense (when the 2nd Division), but always attended the Championships of Brazilian elite. And please note that this stage would be very useful for events in the capital of the state of Santa Catarina
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