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Football Stadia of Tallinn

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These come from a trip i took to the beautiful city of Tallinn, Estonia last summer to watch the club I support, Bohemians, take on Levadia Tallinn in the UEFA Cup.

We also caught the Champions League game between Flora Tallinn and NK Gorica the night before - so I got to see two stadiums!

Flora Tallinn vs. NK Gorica - Champions League - played in Estonia's National Stadium, the Lillekula (note the strange roof architecture behind the one goal - very modern!)

Levadia Tallinn vs. Bohemians (Dublin) - UEFA Cup

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Not so many spectators though
Le Coq Arena is very nice, but the real big problems seems to be the spectators... almost no-one there, and it was a Champions League match! And it seems there were more Slovenians than Estonians (and quite happy, since they easily won 2-4)... It's really sad to see those empty stadiums, it was the same last august when I attended a match a Skonto Stadion in Riga, and it was a "derby" match, with around 100 spectators inside a nice stadium with a capacity of 9000 or more spectators. I don't know if they full them just for the National team, I hope so, otherwise it seems to be of no use to build nice new stadiums in the Baltic... :(
I like this stadium a lot!!! The elevated roof design is a smart way to make a small stadium look bigger. It´s also nice that the roof is transparent. It´s a little like the roof of the San Siro stadium in Milan. And it´s also nice to see the oversized commercial signs in the corners. It´s a smart way to close the stadium space for a smaller stadium, thus those spectator seats can be reallocated to the sides.
To be frank... I never been to look at football match. Have been inside Skonto hall only for a concert (last time - Massive attack). I feel that this is the attitude of most people here.
I don't get those heated discussions around different football clubs, sitting at TV's and watching football matches etc. Ice hockey is a bit better - there they move fast enough to make things interesting. But it is not terribly interesting anyway.
really small but nice weather
Gatis said:
Massive attack
Oh, love Massive Attack! It's quite incredible that I don't have any of their records yet. But everytime I'm at a friend of mine's apartment, we simply MUST play some Massive Attack, over and over:)
I got all Massive Attack albums in MP3's(good quality), pm if you happen to be desperate to listen some... ;) I also have all Portishead(another legendary trip-hop band) and some of Sneaker Pimps.
trip-hop is my style as well :) Have hundreds of mp3's
Yeah, trip hop, Dj Shadow is my favourite
Less than 40 people on main sector in qulfication for CL, it is impossible ! ! ! I have never seen so empty stadium during the match
/\ no one gives a crap for Club matches... its all national here... We had full house + extra seats added for Estonia - Portugal game 2 days ago... :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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