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just looking at some statistics on these cities the other day, has anyone ever noticed that Buffalo and Boston are the same size in terms of area (city limits)

Boston has over 500,000, Buffalo has just under 300,000 and both are at 48 square miles.

It kinda shows that Buffalo needs to make alot more of it's land "livable" and more "developable".

now in saying this, I know buffalo has huge Industrial areas, rail yards ect...and thats a big chunk of what could be populated, does Boston as a city have any areas of empty land or run down industrial areas?
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Isn't the size of Buffalo only 41 square mile. But that doesn't matter. Buffalo is just isn't as well known as Boston and that is probably why the population is not as great. Currently, Boston has a higher demand for housing (that is why there is so many residential highrise going up here) but Buffalo doesn't. However that does not mean that Buffalo needs to make it more livable. Buffalo itself is a really good place to live but if there is nobody who has interest in developing there, that does not mean it is not as livable as boston. Boston has a reputation as a big city. Buffalo just aren't attracting enough folks to come there. Maybe because the weather in the winter there is worst than Boston. But don't you worry about Buffalo. It will grow.
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Boston has a population closer to 600k in the city. Its inner suburbs are also very dense, so it could easily be a city of 1 or 2 million by making its boundaries encompass 100 to 200 sq miles. Boston has been a wealthy city since colonial times due to global merchants, whaling, shipping, technology, etc. I've been to Buffalo and thought it was surprisingly nice looking and large given all the bad press it gets. Boston was a major industrial center a long time ago, but most of the old areas have been rebuilt or reclaimed. For example, what is now called the seaport district and is full of new development used to be a big port, warehouse and factory area that was reduced to weedy abandonment before being reborn. Some of Boston's northern suburbs like Lawerece are big cities with a lot more decay although they have come back quite a bit from the bottom in the 60s and 70s. IMO, Buffalo could very easily have it's own comeback under the right circumstances.
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^ as a matter of fact, Buffalo got more bad press yesterday and not related to the weather. A double wammy, on CNN and FoxNews.

CNN was talking about Buffalo and Toronto in relation to NAFTA and how Buffalo has lost out significantly on the deal while Toronto has gained significantly from it. They showed a few shots of Buffalo and some run-down buildings. And according to Lou Dobbs, Buffalo is "hard on the eye".

FoxNews was talking about home values and the real estate bubble. Buffalo was the punchline of a Neil Covouto joke regarding the housing value difference between Jupiter, FL and Buffalo.

Someone should do a nice story about Buffalo...the history, the architecture, the high quality of life, the fun things about the Buff
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double post
Jupiter Florida is no prize. Believe me!

If you are loaded in Jupiter you can get this charmer for 1.2M

On the other hand if you are a normal person you can have this kind of house for less than $200K in poor old Buffalo towne
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every city has its days in the light, Buffalo and Boston had their days on top, and yes because Boston is a New England coastal city it will always be important to commerce and trade. Buffalo is a place that once thrived because of the lakes and the canal, and shortly after the rails, making it a heavy industry hub and cultural haven.

Toronto which overshadows even Boston in might may be Buffalo's salvation, as the metro trade continues, eventually there are going to be some moves by developers and property owners to make things happen, and Albany with crazy high taxes, and Rochester with its jealousy will not be able to stand in the way.

Boston is a wonderful city, in some parts "perfect" and to Bostons advantage, I have never seen a bad part to the city.
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I was just honky tonkin around over at this new architecture site (new to me) and discovered that they have several regional forums just like everyplace lese. The problem is they have no region that includes most of New York State. It is just cut out for no reason so there is no place to post Buffalo info.

look at the map of their regional forums. The white part has no coverage. THE ONLY PLACE WITH NO REGIONAL FORUM IS UPPER NYSTATE!!!!

I have tried to get them to change what they call the North Atlantic Seaboard Forum into a North East forum but they refuse. I think that they think Buffalo is nect to NY City because they keep saying to post this fourum which is described as the American Megalopolis. They don't understand that Buff is not a port of this group of cities.


Here are some links
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Funny. Buffalo and the whole of upstate get cut because they're not part of the megalopolis. Yet all that fine North Dakotan architecture is well represented!
thats because with our hockey, chicken wings, beef on WECK and beer we are actually all canadians with US Social Security Cards.

The Province of Upper New York State
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