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Formula E Race: Birmingham

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Came across this while catching up on my Formula 1 news. Its seems the Formula E board are seriously considering having a race here in Birmingham.

Please let this happen!!!:banana:
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Develop plans for a world-class Electric Superprix on the streets of Birmingham, to promote the West Midlands automotive industry around the world

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I think Andy is our man?
One thing is for sure is that Andy Street is having amazing luck as Mayor.

First we get the Commonwealth Games because no one else bids.

Now there is a chance to host Formula E because Montreal doesn’t want it.

Whatever next?
I mean, let's not jump the gun.

A) He hasn't actively done anything here. It's happened more because Montreal's mayor actively didn't want the race.

B) It hasn't happened.
Just wanted to put a few thoughts I have had about the proposal to hold the Formula E race in Birmingham City centre.

As I do I have come up with a completely different perspective and alternative race site which will reduce the amount of disruption caused during the race weekend and still show off Birmingham at its very best.

My idea would be to hold the race at the University of Birmingham campus and surrounding roads. The track could be the campus ring road before exiting through the West Gate onto Vincent Drive, Pritchatts Road, Edgbaston Park Road and returning through the East Gate back to the campus.

The cancelled Montreal race was held in the month of July so this whole area would be like a ghost town as the vast majority of the 28’000 students would have left in mid-June for their summer vacation.

The whole area around the University Campus is lush, green and IMO the most beautiful part of the city. There are some really distinct buildings including the red brick campus buildings and 100 metre clock tower.

Currently under construction is a new green heart of the campus which could be used as a fan zone and area to erect marquees for race day hospitality. This would all create something special and distinctively British. This could be Birmingham’s very own version of Wimbledon.

Anyway for me this definitely has the wow factor which I think is missing if the race was held today in the city centre.

The Green Heart

Google Maps,-1.9317947,826m/data=!3m1!1e3?dcr=0
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