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Formula E Race: Birmingham

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Came across this while catching up on my Formula 1 news. Its seems the Formula E board are seriously considering having a race here in Birmingham.

Please let this happen!!!:banana:
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I really hope it does go ahead.

I just wondering who would fund this? Council & Land Rover?

I’m presuming all the road surfaces would need to be redone.
Totally agree, Andy street as mayor has been fantastic for the region. A lot has been delivered in such short time.

And I am a Labour supporter!
Develop plans for a world-class Electric Superprix on the streets of Birmingham, to promote the West Midlands automotive industry around the world

Page 41

I think Andy is our man?
great news!!! lets hope it becomes a success and doesn't last for a few years...

I'm not a big fan of the FE but it is becoming more popular, Mercedes, porch, and BMW are going to have works teams.

So the spotlight will only get bigger.

The key question is, where or what will the track be? Im sure the new FE design is due out next year, so the cars will be faster!!
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Who Knows... Formula one might follow Formula E to Birmingham. Silverstone has chosen not to renew its contract with Liberty, so technically the last British Grand Prix staged at Silverstone is next year.

It's widely known that Liberty wants F1 races in cities or very close by one, instead of these circuits in the middle of nowhere. That's one of the reasons they signed Miami up last week.

Who knows... Birmingham next lol
London hosted FE for a couple of seasons in Battersea Park but local opposition lead to it being dropped. I've not heard any serious proposals about it going anywhere else in the city so I think there was always a strong possibility of a different UK city getting FE hosting rights.

As for F1 in London, it's an absolute non-starter. There's been talk of that for 20+ years and it's not got any closer. I wouldn't worry about that possibility scuppering anything!
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