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Formula E Race: Birmingham

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Came across this while catching up on my Formula 1 news. Its seems the Formula E board are seriously considering having a race here in Birmingham.

Please let this happen!!!:banana:
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My fantasy circuit would be start & pits at Millennium point, Curzon street, Park Street, Selfridges, Moor Street Queenway, Jennens Road, Lawley Middleway. Fan area at Millennium point and the HS2 site. Doesn't sound beyond the realms of possibility with the city skyline in background.
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They were talking about this on midweek motorsport before this all kicked off. Apparently the Superprix lost ~£2m over the five years it ran.
The Montreal Formula E race cost around £20m ($30m). Does the city have this money and political will to hand? Without a title sponsor I just can't see the city underwriting something like this.

From 35:40

My fantasy 2019 Mr Egg Birmingham ePrix circuit

3.1 miles with pit, media and fan areas at Curzon Street and Wholesale Market sites.

Option. Cut it slightly shorter by taking in Cardigan Street rather than Lawley Middleway and compensate by taking in a loop of that includes the cheapside downhill / Birmingham skyline
Just noticed the circuits are all shorter than this. Lose the Wholesale loop and return it up Digbeth high street to Selfridges
Not sure I see the relevance of that to formula e?
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I'm not sure whether it's more ridiculous to associate the cruising scene with a marketing led, global electric single seat racing series or the notion that cruising scene are following the West Midlands Police twitter feed.
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The cost to bring this to the city will be eye watering. I for one would rather see the millions spent elsewhere while people are dying on the streets.
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