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La Martinique- Francia en el Caribe. Depto. francés de ultramar. Se ve que el espacio es limitado en Fort de France y caro también. Me gustó mucho la casa de madera y tejas, con las persianas y los colores muy típicos. Buenas fotos.

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Is that St. Lucia in the background?
No, what you see is the South of the island, across the great bay of Fort-de-France.

Here is a satellite view, I've added a yellow arrow so that you can see which part of the island appears on the previous photo :) :

And when you look from the South to Fort-de-France this is what you see :

Anyway, I'm glad to see that a new thread about Martinique has been created in the Caribbean forum again :pepper: Thank you very much StormShadow, I hope you enjoyed your cruise :)

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Well, another thread about Martinique and other Caribbean islands has been created on the General African forum by Matthias Offodile (thank you again :) ), I'll just post here the pics him and I posted on that thread (I've a bit modified the text...):


General Information:

We could say that Martinique is to France what Hawaii is tho the US. Indeed, it is an overseas department of France and, as with the other overseas departments (French Guiana, Guadeloupe and La Réunion), Martinique is also one of the twenty-six regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the Republic. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, the currency used is the euro. Our official language is of course French but we also speak Antillean Creole (Créole Martiniquais).

Ethnic groups:

African and African-white mixture 75%, white 15%, 5% Lebanese and 5% East Indian,Chinese and others

GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 6%
industry: 11%
services: 83% (1997 est.)

Exports - partners:
France 45%, Guadeloupe 28% (2004)

Imports - partners:
France 62%, Venezuela 6%, Germany 4%, Italy 4%, US 3% (2004)

Surface : 1000 squared kilometres (490 sqm)

Life expectancy : 79 years

Natality : 13.3/1000

Mortality : 7.5/1000

GDP :7.9 billion $

GDP per capita : 20 085 $ (2006)

Economic growth : 3.2% (2005)

The capital city called Fort de France (population around 180 000 including the suburbs)

beautiful entry to the library

traditional creole style houses:cheers:

palais de justice

road network around Fort-de-France and its suburbs

Pointe-du-Bout (across the Bay of Fort-de-France)

Some of the projects on Martinique

A Marina project:

At the east of the city, a new neighbourhood is being built from nothing : on 45 hectares of virgin land a marina is emerging.

The project includes :

- 2000 apartments (8000 new residents are to settle there)
- a complex of 500 flats in hotels or residences
- boutiques and services
- public services (schools...)
- a modern architecture that respects "environmental quality"

And at last, a marina of 1000 places, a yacht club. And, as the neighbourhood is part of a free zone, many light industries and businesses have already settled there (from banks to drugmakers).

Pointe Simon Business Center :
First phase (completion 2009): $130 million
Second phase (completion 2011]: $120 million

The official website :

"The project consists of a mixed-use complex in an urban waterfront location.

Pointe Simon, a new travel destination in Fort-de-France, Martinique, will offer visitors a a full range of global business and leisure services. The project consists of a 21-story office tower, a seven-story condominium and an eight-story Marriott hotel with a fine dining restaurant, a 500-person ballroom, a spa and several boutiques. Infrastructure work will include new cruise ship docking facilities, a bus station, a pedestrian bridge, an expansion for the autobridge and a new central plant. "

It will be the highest tower of the Lesser Antilles (105.5 meters)

The project is part of a global development of Fort-de-France's waterfront :


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Impressive waterfront project. The new tower looks quite similar to the Nicholas tower in Port of Spain.

Any more recent updates on the construction?

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yeah, they look pretty similar and both are amazing, the fort de france waterfront proyect looks amazing and modern, i like that, caribbean island are really working on gettin construccion booms

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Thank you carlosbe for your comment :)

Wiki, I agree with you, it's great that Caribbean islands construction sector is booming because it fuels economic growth. Nevertherless, I hope that authorities throughout the Caribbean will take measures to make this growth sustainable since, right now, this construction boom is overall the result of very low interest rates. And I believe this situaion won't last...

The new tower looks quite similar to the Nicholas tower in Port of Spain.

Yes it does ! And, the Trinidadian "touch" comes also from RBTT (Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago) being one of the major investors in the Pointe Simon project. Nevertherless, the architects are Martinicans.

I'm not on Martinique right now so I don't know if the construction has started yet (what I hope !) but when I com back to there in April I'll take lots of pictures:) .

Well, let me now post here the pics of our Carnival (that I had posted on the other thread) :

First of all, you have to understand that's the purpose of the feast is to ENJOY and give free rein to one's desire (wearing shocking clothes or being ridiculous is a "must" :) ). During this period, people forget ALL (or almost) there principles, there's no longer rich or poor, men or women, only "carnavaliers" (i.e people who take part into the carnival). There is a giant mascot (called "Vaval"), the King of the Carnival that will be shown in the streets and, finally, will be burnt in public, which means the end of the Carnival.

In Fort-de-France, each day, 100 000 people are in the streets to have fun, but Mardi Gras is the busiest day (peole use to dress in red and black) :

"Groupes à pied" (bands with noisy drums)

Foreign bands (from Switzerland and Brazil)

"Naughty" guys, lol

Nice girls...

Traditional "Red Devils"

Beautiful costumes

"Crazy and shocking" :crazy2:

The King "Vaval" in the streets

The death of "Vaval" (adieu...)

Copyright :

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Up ! :)

Let's go on the visit of Fort-de-France. Here are some pics of the hypermarkets and the shopping malls you can find there (sorry, all the pics don't have the same quality):

Le Rond-Point shopping mall

(view from parking)

Hypermarket Carrefour Dillon

Géant Batelière shopping mall (Schoelcher, near Fort-de-France)

Place d'Armes shopping mall (Lamentin, near Fort-de-France)

La Galléria shopping mall (Lamentin)

The biggest shopping mall in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (Trinidad excepted) :

100+ boutiques and services (45 trendy shops)

9 restaurants

4 underground parking lots (total capacity : 1500 cars)

an 8-storey Hotel


••• Yo ♥ Dominicana •••
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Muy linda la ciudad, estan bonitas. Grax SS por las fotos.

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Muy grandiosas fotos!!

No esperaba que asi fuera Fort de France!!!

Saludos desde Mexique...:D
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