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It looks like Fort Erie may get a new tallest building. The condo building would be built almost on the site of Erie Beach Amusement Park, near Waverly Beach. Right now, some of the site is wooded, and there are some historic remains of turn-of-the-century amusement park rides scattered in the woods. Thankfully, most of the wooded area would be preserved as parkland.

A relevant section of an article detailing the condo is below.

Waterfront condo, housing subdivision near Waverly Beach gets tentative approval
Developer agrees to deal that would return hiking paths near the beach back to the public


The exact placement of the 10-storey condo within the subdivision is also another point of contention for many people, including those on council. The developer is arguing that, to maximize the “marketability” of the units, the condo must be placed as far south as it can be, so potential buyers have a view of the lake. The current blueprints show the condo adjacent to the wooded area closest to the water. The town’s planning department said this location also puts the tower as far as possible from the existing homes to the east and west.

At 10 storeys, the condo would be the tallest building in Fort Erie once completed. The current tallest building is an eight storey apartment on Albany Street. Fort Erie fire Chief Ed Melanson, said his department currently has two 100-foot ladders, but that wouldn’t quite reach the top floor of the proposed condo, however, he said there are procedures and protocols in place for that scenario and he has no significant safety concerns about building a 10-storey condo in town.

The planning documents also allow for commercial developments along the first floor of the condo, with the town’s planning department suggesting it could house a Tim Hortons and a small drugstore.

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