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Forum member opinions on the regeneration of East Manchester

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Hi im a student at Leeds Metropolitan University researching the regeneration of East Manchester for my dissertation. I am wandering if any of you have any opinions on the regeneration of this part of Manchester which you can by replying to these questions. I thought I should create this new thread so that the main East Manchester thread is not clogged up with replies. The questions are as follows:

1. Why did East Manchester require the establishment of the New East Manchester urban regeneration company?

2. What have been the main successes of the New East Manchester regeneration company at present?

3. What have been the main failures of the New East Manchester regeneration company at present?

4. In your opinion who has made the most significant gains from the attempts of regeneration in East Manchester?

5. Who has had the least significant benefit from the regeneration of East Manchester?

6.What would your personal approach in furthering the revitalisation of East Manchester be?

7. Do you think that the incoming of a more middle class professional population into East Manchester in locations such as Ancoats Urban Village and New Islington is a good thing by increasing investment and image of the area or a bad thing by encouraging potential social problems such as a class divide and house prices out of reach of the present population?

8. Could the trend for inner city ‘luxury apartment’ living be seen as a fad?

9. In hindsight would there have been any methods in avoiding the significant decline seen to this area in the 1960s and 1970s or would this decline have been inevitable due to global economics?

10. Is it better to see more socially led forms of regeneration such as social housing and new schools and public transport links or more economic forms of regeneration including luxury housing, business parks and shopping centres?

11. Were the 2002 Commonwealth games the best way in starting the revitalisation of this area?

12. What possible benefit would be bought to East Manchester if a Super Casino is to be built near the City of Manchester stadium?

13. Are there any barriers which could undermine regeneration efforts in East Manchester such as crime or a lack of transportation improvements such as MetroLink?

14. If there was no regeneration strategies whatsoever for the area would you think the area would see some regeneration anyway due to the proximity to Manchester city centre or would the decline of the area persist or could even be terminal for this area?

15. Could East Manchester learn from other case studies of regeneration across the United Kingdom?

16. Finally are there any potential opinions on the revitalisation of East Manchester which I have not as of yet mentioned which you could answer or even question me about?
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Are you trying to get us to do your homework? If you can prove otherwise - sensible answers will follow!
I find it slightly scary that I could be walking through uni and see somebody sat beneath our Cafe Nero on the computators beaming their face at skyscrapercity.
Its one part of my research process for my dissertation is to find out peoples opinions on how the regeneration ongoing in East Manchester is going and how successful they believe the ongoing regeneration process to be. I have already interviewed several individuals with regards to the regeneration of East Manchester in other places. I am just expressing through this medium what your opinion is and your opinions will be backed up by other forms of information such as books, journals and web sites.
Well I can tell you the local massive ASDA Walmart has been a good thing for the community. All the staff are local and are paid fairly well. From that, we've seen some new apartments built up by the carpark and most if not all speak positively of the stadium. Although opinion seemed to be divided on the B Of The Bang, some of them prefering to call it the Bollocks Of Beswick.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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