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I will try some new stuff in these GTC thread. No points, just for the honour!

Right now I have three ideas

Guess the Song
Riddle the City
Similarity GTC

I going to start with the Similarity GTC.

The point is quite simple, I think. I show three pictures of cities. All these cities have something formiliar with the city you have to guess.

For example. I show you pictures of Indianapolis, Lagos and Tashkent.
You guys have to guess some identifying marks for the city.

So ask yourself. Where is this city famous for? What is so typical about this city?

Correct similarities:
Indianapolis has a F1 racing track.
Lagos is the biggest city in the country
And Tashkent has a huge observation tower

So which city has a F1 racing rack, is the biggest city in the country and a large observation tower

Shanghai! :banana:

(It could also be Sao Paulo but not in this case ;))

So here's the fist one

Rosario, Argentina




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1. It has nothing to do with football

2. I thought it would be easier. Where is Singapore most famous for?

3. This one is so easy and obvious that it actually is hard.

@FJP: I can't do nothing with that guess. Type your thoughts.

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^^ I was thinking of Rotterdam as well....but I've no idea what to think about Rosario
Singapore: Harbour
Houston: Skyline, Oil
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