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Forza Raalte World GTC #146

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FJP 167
CPN 154
Soufian 84
Davidkunz/vie 71
Kuesel 63
Samba_man 40
Fusi 38
Forvine 28
Swisscross 15
Parraman 13
Barragon 10
Djoez 10
Mij2 10
Mtyksl 7
kingchunglo 6
Sydney_lad 6
xantarc 6
elfreako 5
DvW 4
Henk 3
Inlandsvägen 3
cristianocani 2
lmcm1990 2
Marcanadian 2

Country list

Country 2 points
City 3 points

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virgin GTC?? :eek: where's everybody?

slovenia, sweden, estonia
Lucky bastard. You really win points

Not Slovenia, Sweden or Estonia
Not Italy, Russia, UK.

I know this kinda sad for you but I have to go to bed quite soon. I have to get up at 8.00 to watch my little nephew's football. I promised him.
you must be kidding...

Argentina, Cuba, NL
CPN said:
you must be kidding...

Argentina, Cuba, NL
I'm not. But I won't let you get away with only 2 points...............because this in the Netherlands! :banana:
thanks god..
but i'm too lazy and drunk to google for unpronounceable dutch names, I wanna guess other countries
Zoetermeer, Appelscha and Goes are always better than city names like Aberystwyth, Llanrwst, Pwllheli
Forza Raalte said:
Aberystwyth, Llanrwst, Pwllheli
Abery..what? how do you pronounce that??
This GTC isn't closed yet. Keep guessing!
Not in Limburg or Brabant. Ga nog maar even door met het raden van provincies.
Is it in Gelderland, Overrijsel or Drenthe?
Overrijsel is correct! :banana:

I advise you to google right now
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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