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Forza Raalte World GTC #154

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CPN 182
FJP 170
Soufian 90
Davidkunz/vie 71
Kuesel 63
Fusi 51
Samba_man 40
Forvine 30
Swisscross 15
Parraman 13
Barragon 10
Djoez 10
Mij2 10
Mtyksl 7
kingchunglo 6
Sydney_lad 6
xantarc 6
elfreako 5
DvW 4
Henk 3
Inlandsvägen 3
cristianocani 2
lmcm1990 2
Marcanadian 2

Country list

Country 2 points
City 3 points

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That looks like the modern version of San Francisco's Tallest
UK or China?
Sure it does. This version is a little bit smaller ;)

Not the US or the Uk

Can I guess the continent?

If so, Africa?
Brazil, chile, Argentina
estonia ? russia ? italy ?
You cannot guess continents

Not Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Estonia, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Canada, India, US, UK
South Korea ? Norway ? Sweden ?
Nah, I expected you to know this one actually
Are you going to cover every country in the world?
Yes and I'm almost done with it. At the end it will be one of worlds most easiest GTC's :lol:
argentina ? finland ?

hmm.. why would I konw ? :dunno:

..Swaziland ?
Dunno. It is pretty famous, I think. And you just made a GTC about this country a few days ago. I thought you had found this picture googling
Andorra is correct. It is not in La Vella though

(perhaps the hint was too big :lol)
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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