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Forza Raalte World GTC #157

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CPN 182
FJP 178
Soufian 90
Davidkunz/vie 71
Kuesel 63
Fusi 56
Samba_man 40
Forvine 30
Swisscross 15
Parraman 13
Barragon 10
Djoez 10
Mij2 10
Mtyksl 7
kingchunglo 6
Sydney_lad 6
xantarc 6
elfreako 5
DvW 4
Henk 3
Inlandsvägen 3
cristianocani 2
lmcm1990 2
Marcanadian 2

Country list

Country 2 points
City 3 points

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Brazil, Benin or Argentina?
Not Italy, Israel, India, Brazil, Benin, Argentina. Oh gosh I should have done Israel earlier
Tanzania, Senegal or Russia?
New Zealand, Rep. Dominicana, Cuba
Thailand, Dominican Republic, Cuba?
:(, I want to change Cuba and Dominican Rep. In Ecuador and Congo

We had New Zealand before ;)
Well Ecuador and Congo aren't correct either. Guess on
New Zealand is guessed? I missed it
Barbados - Bridgetown?
Guinea - Conakry?
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Kingstown?
New Zealand hasn't been yet.
Estonia, Slovenja, Serbia
Yes, it was that Marina. In a place with a weird name, I guessed it;)

Dominica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or Togo?
Oh yes. Now I remember. It was Haikiiki or something, a place up north

Thank god my administration is finally right!

98. Iraq
99. New Zealand
100. Macedonia
Sweden, Albania, Sierra Leone
No, not Haikiiki:p

But how about the guesses?
Anyhow I gotta go; my last guesses Micronesia, Marshall Islands or Vanuatu?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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