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Forza Raalte World GTC #195

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Countries left:



FJP 236
CPN 234
Fusi 108
Soufian 100
Davidkunz/vie 71
Kuesel 65
Samba_man 45
Forvine 35
Djoez 19
Mij2 16
Swisscross 15
Parraman 13
Barragon 10
Mtyksl 7
kingchunglo 6
Sydney_lad 6
xantarc 6
elfreako 5
persian 5
DvW 4
Henk 3
Inlandsvägen 3
cristianocani 2
Forza himself 2
lmcm1990 2
Marcanadian 2

City 3 points

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Kaufman, Arlington or Tyler?
Denison, Mc Kinney, Lewisville
It is west of Dallas.
Graham, Abilene, Big Lake

Keep guessing.
Tulia, Canadian, Midland
Sweetwater, Stephenville, Snyder
Piano, Tyler, Longview
Graham was a very close guess.
CPN said:
Graham, Abilene, Big Lake
Mineral Wells, Weatherford
It is west of Graham
Mineral Wells, Jacksboro, Olney
No. No. No.
Throckmorton, Haskell, Breckenridge
Loving, Jean, Newcastle
I waited a minute for your reply CPN but I have to disappoint you.

FJP is the winner of the world series!!!!




Throckmorton is correct! :cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana::cucumber: :carrot: :banana:
:applause: :applause:


congrats FJP, and congrats everybody...

thanks Forza for this series , it was great fun !!!
Yes, I did really enjoyed it too! Thanks to you two guys the series were kept tense untill the very end, the second last GTC determined the winner.

More credits go out to Fusi who did a superb job in the last couple of GTC's and Soufian, a GTC newbie who collected a lot of points.

It's a bitter feeling seeing it end..
:banana: :banana:
Congrats to you CPN too!
I hope you repeat this series soon, Forza!
21 - 40 of 44 Posts
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