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fourways junction

Fourways Junction Development in Nairobi

The Fourways Junction development is a new project being undertaken in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. Construction is underway and when complete it will have a total of 850 units within a gated property that will include offices, shopping areas, a hotel and a country club. The new project is located on Kiambu Road along the northern part of the city.

The project is being undertaken by the Suraya Property Group, a local developer, and is being financed by Standard Chartered Bank. “The idea is to develop affordable housing by working with financial institutions, land owners and property experts,” said Patrick Muraya, the chief executive of Suraya Property Group.

The construction of the first phase of 233 houses begins in May. These are scheduled for completion by the end of 2010 and the prices range from Sh4.9 million to Sh16 million. Buyers who want to finance a property at Fourways Junction will have to process their mortgage through Standard Chartered Bank, which is part of the equity financing arrangement that enabled the project to get underway.

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In the big league as Fourways Junction kicks off
5th July 2009

Late last year in December when guests gathered at the Nairobi National Museums to witness the unveiling of a mega development by the Suraya Property Group, Peter Muraya, Director of the Property Group stood up and promised that the construction of the Sh6 billion Fourways Junction would start in April 2009.

At the time, many were sceptical given the magnitude of the project expected to cover about 200 acres of land along the Kiambu Road and the proposed Northern bypass. However, last week, when the groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held at the site, a new precedent was set for this three-year old company and the real estate market in Nairobi.

Muraya said that the by mid January this year, 160 units had already been sold using the pre-sale concept to set the project on track with 80 per cent of phase one sold by the time of the ground breaking.

Altogether the development will comprise of about 788 houses, which will include a shopping mall, villas, apartments and townhouses as well as a school and a clubhouse to serve the residents.

Speaking at the groundbreaking, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government Musalia Mudavadi, who also witnessed the unveiling in December 2008 praised the development as moving the country to new levels in the provision of housing. This, he said, would help bridge the annual deficit of 150, 000 units annually.

The Fourways junction is, however, not the only development coming up with the Suraya Group. They are planning another gated residential development for Mombasa Road in what seems to be another drive by developers towards the south of the city.

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component of the fourway junction/ updates

Fourways Junction is a masterpiece of envisaged Large Scale
modern Lifestyle Living.
Suraya’s Vision is to create a new surburb that will cater for
the Upper Middle Class and create a complete lifestyle experience
of LIVE, WORK & PLAY. Suraya expects “Fourways Junction” to be a
vibrant commercial and residential node as envisaged in Government
of Kenya Vision 2030 and the new Metropolitan City.
Fourways Junction is located at a strategic Junction of Kiambu
Road and the Northern Bypass.
Fourways Junction will therefore be easily accessible from
Waiyaki Way, Thika Road and Nairobi City Centre. The Airport will be
easily accessible from the Northern Bypass. Fourways Junction has
the added advantage of being located 10 minutes from the UN HQ
and US Embassy in Gigiri.
Fourways Junction is a state of art suburb with a mix of Cluster
Houses, Apartments, Office Blocks, A Shopping Mall, A 3 Star Hotel,
A BPO Park (Business Processing Outsourcing) , A Nursery, Primary/
Secondary School, A Retirement Home and a fully fledged country
Fourways Junction promotes a healthy lifestyle with sustainable
eco-friendly development. The suburb has designated open area to
nature, play fields, a dam and a man made water feature. Storm
Water and Waste water will be harnessed and utilized for landscaping
and development.
Fourways Junction Promises to be the first Large Scale secure
Gated Community in Kenya and will offer the perfect balance
between luxury living and enriched lifestyle
Live work and play concept

live concept

Suraya has created a contemporary lifestyle living encompassing
exclusive Villas and apartments.
The Villas are designed based on a South African concept of
Cluster Housing and gated secured compound of between 12 to 16
units in a Courtyard.
Each Courtyard has a stone wall with Electric Fence around the
perimeter and a controlled access via Intercom System.
Each Courtyard has a dedicated developed Children’s Playground
in the middle easily accessible from the individual villas. Only the
green fences are allowed within the Courtyard enhancing the
ambience created by the open concept and a healthy community
The apartments are located in Courtyards that will have 5 to 6
blocks of 8 apartments each.
Each apartment Courtyard will also have controlled Intercom
Access and a dedicated Children’s Playground.
The villas and apartment are finished to the highest specifications
and materials with parquet floors, imported colored ceramic tiles
and MDF Kitchens and Wardrobes

work concept

Fourways Junction offers the Art of Business and office Space
designed and constructed to the highest standards and equipped
with all the necessary facilities and infrastructure.
A small dedicated Technology Park that will cater for BPO’s is to be
developed on approx. 10 acres providing a total of 250,000sq ft, The
BPO Park will have an EPZ status and tenant or buyers will enjoy
the full advantages being given by the Government to encourage
Investors to relocate their Call Centres to Kenya once the Fibre Optic
Cable is ready by 2009.
The location is ideal for BPO as it is located near Kiambu Town
which will Provide accommodation for the lower class, Runda that
Provides accommodation for the Upper Class and Fourways that
caters for the Middle Class. All one within 10 minutes of driving. This
is also in line with the Vision 2030 of decongesting the City
Fourways will have an additional 130,000sq ft of Office Space
located in Low Rise Office Blocks. Each Block occupying its own
parcel of land and adequate parking is provided.
A modern Shopping Mall is to be developed that will provide
200,000sq ft of shopping Area with adequate parking provided.
The Mall will serve the new Fourways Community as well as cater
for the Kiambu Road Traffic.
A 3 Star Business Hotel with Serviced Apartments, Functions Room
will be developed to cater for the Mid Tier UN/US staff at Gigiri

play concept

Fourways Junction will provide unprecedented sporting and
fitness experience, A Hall Mark of Fourways in the comprehensive
range of Community Facilities on offer. Stop Off at the Fourways
Mall for your Grocery Shopping, meet up with friends at a café enjoy
the Modern Four Cinema Movie Theatre, simply head to the Fourways
Country Club with fully equipped Gymnasium or take a bike ride or
morning jog along the dedicated large foot paths.
Within each small Community Courtyard, we have provided a
dedicated Children’s Playground.
For serious Golfers, you can actually walk to the Windsor Golf
Club for a Game of Golf.
Furthermore the Education of your Children has been catered
for with a nursery, on Primary/Secondary Schools built on site.
Located opposite the project the Catholics have also developed a
Girl’s School.

^^guyz if you want to see the pictures go the link i am not good in uploading photos. damn nice project. Brochure 1.pdf

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Why isn't anyone looking towards south of nairobi?Karen,Langata etc.we need some of these mega housing projects to drive the prices down in these areas.
Karen and Langata are like the Beverly Hills of Nairobi correct? The residents probably don't want the prices of living in this area to go down because they don't want people who aren't members of the city's elite to move in. I don't know if this is how it works in Kenya but its definatly how it works in wealthy suburbs of the US.

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Karen and Langata are like the Beverly Hills of Nairobi correct? The residents probably don't want the prices of living in this area to go down because they don't want people who aren't members of the city's elite to move in. I don't know if this is how it works in Kenya but its definatly how it works in wealthy suburbs of the US.
Yes its true.I just remembered Karen especially has some very strict zoning rules.The housing projects coming up in karen are gated communities with 8-10 houses.
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