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Frankfurt - Wolkenkratzer Festival 2007

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Yesterday I got back from the Wolkenkratzer Festival in Frankfurt. There are already an bunch of other threads from the festival here at the forum, but sicne we don't have one here at S&B I'll give you mine.

The Wolkenkratzer Festival (Skyscraper Festival) is 2 days where Frankfurt celebrates itself and it's skyscrapers. 15 Skyscrapers were open to the public, and I attented a bunch of them. :)

Unfortunately the weather was not very good, and there was only a few hours of sun. Not that much rain either though, thank good. But Frankfurt is always nice, no matter what weather there is, and I also enjoyed this trip very much, like I have done every time I've been there. Also met up with both other forumers and some of the old friends from Emporis (when I used to be there too).

I'll start off with a evening view from my hotel room, and the rest is just one big mix of different places and subjects. I'm really too tired to describe every photo right now, and also to prepare more photos. There might come more later though. :) Let's get starteed:

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beautifull pics!
A beatiful selection of outstanding, top quality pictures! The first one is a jaw-dropper!
Cool pics. A lot of blue skies, although I didn't see those most of the time.

Guess who's taking a pic here from Main Plaza ;)
Wow, great pictures, especially the first and the last one! Frankfurt surely remains the skyscraper capital in Europe (IMHO).
@ Michiel: Oh yes who can that be. Good caught. :D I also wonder who these people at the bridge are. ;)

Most of the blue sky photos were taken sunday, actually shortly after you left. Unfortunately also after all the towers were closed.
Awesome pics - awesome city!

great job!

I've unfortunatly never had the pleasure of visiting it - only passed by on the freeway ( nice Skyline view - but pre the digital cam age for me )..
Thanks all. :)

Just a few more night shots, it's getting really late. All 3 from my hotel room, which was quite far from the action on these. The 2 fireworks shots are from the 2. night of fireworks, and I'm glad I stayed in, since it really started to rain a lot. Not possible to get super good shots from there, but I guess they'll go for now:

I'll add a new bunch tomorrow, if I have the time...
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Frankfurt looks awesome!

Thanks for the terrific photos, mlm! :applause:
amazing.....awesome, wow
Awesome photos mlm, great thread too. Frankfurt looks really great from those view you photographed. :eek:kay:
I managed to squeeze out at few more. Let's just get rollin'

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Totally incredible pictures Mr Lyk Madsen :)

oooh its so sexy, such a shame they didnt make it taller though...:eek:hno:
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Holy macarony, that festival must have been paradise for a scraper nut! Marvelous pics aswell, now when looking at your pics it really strikes me how beautiful MAIN Plaza is, never thought of it before :) You never make anyone here dissapointed with your pics Mikael :eek:kay:
above awesome pics, mate, top notch quality! Adorable even!
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