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Franklin Phase 2 | Mary Vale Road | Bournville | Residential | 4fl | Appr.

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App went in for this before, few changes so guessing it’ll be starting when approved

Application Details
Application Number2017/07528/PA
Application TypeFull Planning
Site AddressLand at Mary Vale Road and Franklin Way Bournville Birmingham B30 2HP
ProposalRemoval of existing structures/ fencing and 3 trees (within a Conservation Area) and redevelopment of site with 52 no. apartments with associated amenity space and parking
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I had a feeling I'd seen it before. This is next to the Court Collaboration flats isn't it.
Yup the franklin

Awesome refurb
Yup the franklin

Awesome refurb
Looks great from the outside, but I understand that the flats inside are tiny.

Anyway, quite like this. Good to see more flats being built outside the city centre, especially so close to railway stations.
This one goes to commitee on the 26th. Looks alright this
Taylor grange involved now according to documents

Application Details
  • Application Number2020/07918/PA
  • Application TypeDischarge of Condition (Published to Web)
  • Site AddressFormer Car Park Corner of Mary Vale Road and Franklin Way Bournville Birmingham B30 2HP
  • ProposalApplication to determine the details for condition number 2 (level details) 3 (sample materials) 4 (sustainable drainage scheme) 5 (arboricultural method statement) 7 (hard and/or soft landscape details) 8 (boundary treatment) 11 (contamination remediation scheme) 17 (bird/bat boxes) 18 (earthworks details) attached to approval 2017/07528/PA
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Don't think there's been many if any, changes to this since Sefton posted the original renderings yonks back

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This ones having the trees cleared so maybe signs of movement
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Up for sale

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