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Oddly enough, everybody in this town thinks everyone in the country refers to it as Freddy Beach.

City (2001)-47,560; Greater Fredericton-81,346

Whether or not I like this town varies from day to day, but it definitely is a nice place to visit, and it's my fiancée's hometown, so it can't be all that bad. It's a little different when you move here from elsewhere though.

No sign this time, just straight to the pics. :p

At the end of Regent St, the start of the access road for the Westmorland St Bridge (also called the City Bridge) which joins the bottom of Regent St with the bottom of Smythe St. The access road is closed off every Canada Day and is where all the celebrations go on.

Queen St
Christ Church Cathedral, where King, Queen, Brunswick, University, and Waterloo Row all meet. (you may need a map to understand that one if you're not from the area)

The Legislature Grounds

This one's actually on the corner of King and St John


Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel

About three gaybars have come and gone in this spot since I came to town in 2000.

This park is the future site of the E-Centre development

Here's the rendering of the development

Apparently the top of the Playhouse is painted with those colored lines because someone visiting the city and staying at the hotel across the street a few years ago decided it would be great to project a certain kind of movie onto the white part of the building to see the "characters" larger than life.

Officer's Square

Barker's House (and the video store where the aforementioned movie was rented hiding away in the corner)

The old a call centre

New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame

Old Garrison District

NB Justice Building

City Hall

Frederick Square I (TD Tower)

Frederick Square II is a 9 storey twin of this which is still waiting to be's already approved, it's just waiting for the office demand to go up again.
TD Tower from Westmorland St...FSII will go where the gravel parking lot is now.

The downtown Liquor Store

King St
Centennial Building (which I referred to as the big ugly black building my first couple of years in town)

NB Power Building (BOM Tower...I referred to this as the big ugly white building my first couple of years in town)

The old NB Power Building

Carleton Place. I have to remember to turn off "snap to image" next time I'm merging.

Sorry 'bout the blurriness, I was rushing a bit.

King's Place
King Tower

York Tower

In between these two buildings is the alley that leads you to Dooly's poolhall

The Tannery...the place to go for nightlife with 6 bars on the grounds, two more next door, and another two or three on the next block over.

Outside the Tannery

The Creighton "Luxury" Apartments...last I heard they were still overcharging and had a high vacancy rate.

Place of the three office buildings built by the government that people anxious to see Frederick Square II despise...even the general public, most of whom don't know or forgot about FSII don't like them.

Looking East down King St

Regent St

Regency Tower (Commercial on lower levels, luxury apartments on upper levels)

George St Middle School (a former FHS)

Market Gate Apartments...actually on Brunswick St.

Further up, Evelyn Grove Manor...a senior's apartment building

Lion's Gate Apartments...formerly St. Dunstan's school

Carleton St
The Old Garrison District

More Carleton St

York St

Caribbean Flavas

A former Fredericton High School (FHS)...the church beside it wants to tear it down to put an expansion on the church...not surprisingly, there's a lot of opposition to it (with good reason). It serves as a hostel and community centre now.

Further up...the Chestnut Complex

The old railyard grounds...still York St
Government building

The old train station is in really rough shape...hopefully someone will come up with the money to restore it rather than have it fall in on itself or torn down...even if all they do is turn it into a museum or something like that.

They might as well do something, since every development on the site surrounding it has to "fit in" with the train station or some crap like that...even though none of the developments there actually do. Just the usual foolishness to have tighter control over a certain chunk of land in the heart of town.

The old Hartt Shoe Factory on York St is being renovated into a retail/apartment mixed building...they should be done soon, depending on what they plan to do with the outside.

360 degrees of old railyard grounds goodness

Skyline from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Campus

From the edge of Campus on Windsor St

Tilley Hall on UNB...pretty much all of the buidings look the same...just different sizes and heights.

Geology Building on UNB...only this and the Physics Building look like this on Campus.

An old school on Charlotte St.

Regency Landing Condos almost finished...[Upper] Carleton St

Aberdeen StAnother Apartment building being built near where I live...same old 4-storey crap all over the city...they could really combat quite a bit of the city's sprawl by encouraging many of these to go 2-3 floors taller. Even if each 4-storey apartment building in town was just 1 floor taller, it could have eliminated 15-20 of these buildings...theoretically.

That's all for the city tours for now. The Moncton, Saint John, Miramichi tour I was planning for this coming long weekend had to be rescheduled...probably Canada Day. :frog:

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very awesome tour of the city. i remember a lot of these places from when i was there in summer '04. one thing i remember about fredericton is all the cool stores downtown. lots of neat lil home decor stores and stuff. fredericton would be an awesome place to live if it was bigger.

Sarcastic Caper
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It's a nice looking city, and I've enjoyed my time here for the most part. I probably won't settle here though (just here for school). The city, and most things involved in it including businesspeople, people in general, municipal gov't, universities, etc, seem to have a sense of self importance that is a little more inflated than would be justified. Not everyone, and not even most I'd say, but definitely enough to notice and make the city unpleasant at times.

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Nice shots and good tour !
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