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Free Image Hosting

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Taken completely right out of Naptown's thread.
Now, you want to post a great pic you just made or found, but do not know where to host the pictures you got? Happened to everyone, don't worry, luckily however we all got some help from SSC, such as the thread in the About the Forums section, but since this is the Fototeka, we have to do it the EE's way!
well how about you check out some of these hosts:



Or... check out this thread to get a whole list of hosts:


I myself have several of those bookmarked in case I need a quick host, however I mostly use Photobucket, Netscape's My Webpage being slow to load. The problem is it put limits on bandwidth and space, but if you're willing to pay, you get more. of course I'm cheap, so I get what I want for Nada :D
PS: if you've got some good ones, post them here!
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I use and the most. Imageshack knows to f*up your photos sometimes but remember it's-free. offers 1 gb storage, 500 mb bandwith per month. But it's in Polish so not too many may undertand.
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Theses are good ones but i use . Its free for 200 megs of disk space and 1000 megs bandwith, they put lots of special features like free galeries for eBay, portfolio, slideshows and spin 360. Also you can sell your pictures, use their public image gallery and use their forum. What else do you want for free ?

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