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myself dickens,

i m new to forums fields, so i m starting with a new technolgy information coz i thought it will help in life path.

it was a incident, i recived a call from my mobile , i opened a call i was surprisd , u knw wht

i recived a group of my frnds voice singing a b'day song. i was really admire coz my frnds all are went to tour b4 a week near nepal and still not ate back.and i know very well its a village so dont have any phone booth or mobile in hw its possible to vsh me(b'day).

thn i saw a recived number ,i find out a new technolgy as been launched, thts touchlive,

it was so gud,jst dial up the number ,drop a messaage,fix date and time,and jst tell a number to whom u want to convey the message.

so v dont want to woke up at night to convey message.

its so gud yar.

i hope i get more frnd through forums.
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-Wrong Forum
-Spelling sucks
-What the HELL are you talking bout?
-Did I mention you were in the wrong forum?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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