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From Mayfair to Primrose Hill, LONDON, UK

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Here is the first serie of pics of my easter bank holiday in London.
I've walked a lot, around 50km in just 3 days, mainly in the centre and east london areas.
London is absolutely fascinating, neither really beautiful or ugly. In its ugliest parts, there is some light with people mixing and getting going. In its glorious parts, it can be souless, easter saturday was particularly boring as people seemed to have left parts of the West End.

This serie is going from B&W to colour following my mood, from the boredom of Mayfair to the excitement felt in Camden.

Leaving behind Green Park station

Approaching Berkley Square

Between berkley and Grosvenor squares

Grosvenor Square

Between Grosvenor and Cavendish Square

Heading north via Portland Place


Georgian boulevard and side streets

RIBA HQ (1934)

Park Crescent

Colours are coming! Greater London house (1926) some rather fine orientalist art deco


The newly revamped Roundhouse

and finally, Primrose Hill, pleasant urban island with a villagey atmosphere and fantastic vistas

The vistas of Central and East London

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some amazing shots!

shame u did many of these in B&W though - some of them r brilliant in it, and some could get bit more colourful :)

thanks! just got back from London and had a wonderful time
Beautiful pictures.
The Roundhouse has hosted notable performers The Stranglers, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin, among others.
very nice tour, i love the photos from Primrose Hill, london looks fab!
....London is absolutely fascinating, neither really beautiful or ugly....
Thank you the beautiful photos.

I must, however, respectfully disagree with your statement that London is not beautiful. I think that architecturally, it is the most beautiful city in the world. I think that Paris' buildings, while stunning, are inferior to London's. To me, though, Paris is more beautiful as a city simply because it has incomparable squares, fountains and monuments.
London is very beautiful indeed :) i am enjoying seeing pics from London (from various threads)
Terrific photos, Manuel :cheers: Love those B/W ones.. London is a great and dynamic city! :D
Excellent pics and I love that most were B&W. London suits B&W photography well and I swear I was standing in just this spot seven years ago.

Good shooting.
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