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FSU announces $56 million in budget cuts

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FSU announces $56 million in budget cuts
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BAY NEWS 9 -- School trustees at Florida State University approved a plan Wednesday to cut about $56 million from the school's budget.

The plan includes laying off almost 200 faculty and staff.

Fifteen degree programs will be suspended.

Also Wednesday, the university's president, T.K. Wetherall, announced his resignation.

"This decision is based in large part on my belief that the next three years are going to be a highly crucial and challenging time for Florida State University," Wetherell wrote in a letter to board of trustees Chairman Jim Smith. "I believe the university needs and deserves a strong leader who has the energy to be involved in the initial stages of the university's reorganizational process and the ability and desire to make a long-term commitment and comprehensive management decisions to move Florida State ahead in these challenging times."

Wetherall said he would remain in office until the university names a new president.

Partial breakdown of budget cuts
Human Sciences $1 million
Law $1.6 million
Music $1.25 million
Nursing $500,000
Education $2.2 million
Business $1.9 million
Arts and Sciences $6.1 million
Athletics $3.4 million
Visual Arts,
Theatre and Dance $1.3 million

Faculty reductions include 25 tenured faculty and 54 non-renewal of contracts. Additionally, 107 staff will be laid off.

The trustees voted to allow the school's Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota to remain open, but admission prices will rise.$56+million+in+budget+cuts+
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And yet it gets worse... a few months ago they said they were cutting a bunch of programs, I didn't think it was going to be this bad, Its so frustrating to see this happen to the school your attending because you feel hopeless, in general I have no problems with T.k. as president although many seem to constantly blame him for problems, I have liked how agressively he has been at replacing older buildings with newer more efficient buildings-ex doak campbell, building renovation and an ambitious masterplan and the medical campus, something I hope a new president follows...

And lastly, I feel as if I speak for many when I state that any future president SHOULD be both a seminole and a member of the GREEK community... no need to have someone who does not understand the need for the greeks or even athletics something which T.k. was a part of while attending FSU.
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