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A really really funny news

Production at textile factory suspended for two days

Nurul Alam . Chittagong

Ghost phobia prompted the authorities of a textile factory at Chittagong Export Processing Zone to suspend its operation for the last two days, causing a loss of around Tk 3 crore, officials said.

‘All the workers have already been asked to join their work and we hope that we will be able to resume the production today,’ a senior official said.

Against the backdrop of such a phobia, the factory management held a prayers session on the factory premises on Wednesday to dispel the fear about ghost.

The trouble hit Universal Jeans Ltd, a sister concern of Pacific Jeans Group at CEPZ, after two of its workers claimed that they were attacked by ghost inside the factory’s washroom on Tuesday.

The two workers Mohammad Faruk and Archana Dutta were admitted to CEPZ Hospital after they became unconscious on the day.

General Manager of CEPZ Authority Ataul Hoque told New Age that the ghost story was created by a vested quarter through spreading rumours among the workers.

‘It has been done to create a chaotic situation inside the garments and textiles factories at CEPZ. There is no ghost and ghost attack incident,’ he said.

The two workers became unconscious due to weakness as they got panicked after hearing the rumour about ghost, he said quoting the doctors.

As all the workers declined to join their work, the operation at some sections of the factory remained suspended on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Senior manager of Pacific Jeans Group Mahbubul Huq said as a vested quarter circulated the rumours, some workers felt weak and two of them suddenly became unconscious.

‘Due to this trouble, the factory incurred a loss of around Tk 3 crore as its operation was suspended for the last two days.’

He, however, informed that Universal Jeans Ltd having a workforce of 4,000 was set up six months back.

Damn I am dying of laughter right now. :lol:
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Recently my friends and I watched "A Nightmare on Elm Street", and then went to a Jewish cemetery. It was around 1 am, and after driving there and halfway back home, we finally decided to try to walk through the cemetery as a dare to each other. It was really, really dark outside the cemetery gates, and I'm a person who does not believe in ghosts. But I kid you not standing outside that graveyard at that time scared the shit out of me. I opened the gate and my friends weren't looking, and as they looked up after lighting their cigarette, they screamed like bitches and ran back to the SUV. I panicked mildly cause I thought they saw something scary. But apparently they thought a ghost had just opened the gate that was closed 2 seconds ago. After I assured them that it was I that opened the gate, we finally stepped inside. Even though it was pitch black just outside the gates, inside it turned completely blue. It was so blue that we could have sworn it was a full moon night, but it wasn't, and there were no lights inside. After we walked around for a few mins, we calmed down and talked about death and how we took life for granted. We didn't see any ghosts, even though the cemetery is supposed to be haunted. Although if any of the people in the condos near the back of the graveyard saw a bunch of male figures walking around a graveyard at 3 am, they definitely would have sworn they saw ghosts :laugh:

I'm telling you Amar, even if you don't believe in ghosts, try entering this graveyard at night by yourself. I doubt there is any person on the planet who can do it.
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