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Subway and train Forever!
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Puts, nem queira experimentar pois parece que viajou no tempo e está no futuro....dá aquele ar igual das cenas do filme "de volta para o futuro 2"

PS: editado: deu um erro aqui na hora que fui editar meu post e saiu 2 vezes, moderador, delete meu post repetido acima ok?


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Prefiro esses !!! :)

Mais aqui

The Aichi Rapid Railway (a.k.a. LINIMO) meglev urbano

Shinkansen Fastec360S

a bit differnt from 360S face


cockpit of 360Z

type E954-1

type E954-8

Shinkansen N-700.(called ''Aero Double Wingers')coming next year, now conducting a test run

Shinkansen Gallery
Tokaido & Sanyo Shinkansens
100 Series

300 Series

500 Series

700 Series

Tohoku, Joetsu, Hokuriku, Akita & Yamagata Shinkansens
200 Series

400 Series

E3 Series

E4 Series

E1 Series

E2 Series

Kyushu Shinkansen
800 Series


and its emergency air braking system (cat's ears)

Fastech cockpit (ultra-high tech!)

and brandnew type N-700

type N-700 cockpit

sexy type 500

type 500 cockpit (a bit outedated today)

good old type 700

type 700 cockpit

]Photos of Yamanashi Maglev Test Tracks

entrance of visitor center


Central Maglev Line (Tokyo-Osaka) georama

model MLX01-901

observation deck



briefing before riding

going to the platform

car interior

starting to run

now running at over 500km per hour! (30 seconds after departure!!)

deceleration, still over 400km/h


coming to a halt

]Aerotrain: brandnew highspeed train technology developed by Tohoku Uni. [/b][/size]


test model, which succeeded in the operation at the speed of 300km/h (the technology itself is close to practical use)

Aerotrain is one of Japan's 'Millennium Projects' selected in the year of 2000.
Its assumed operational speed is 500 km/h (almost the same speed as Japan's cutting edge maglev, within one hour between Tokyo - Osaka), but its 'floating' system is quite different from the maglev. Aerotrain runs one meter from the ground under favor of air cushion called 'surface effect'.
The distinguishing characteristic of Aerotrain is eco-friendliness, no emission of harmful electromagnetic-waves. Its power source is solar battery panels and wind electricity placed on the guideways. Its electric power consumption is one-third of current Japan's bullet train (Shinkansen).

] skytrains/people movers in Metro Tokyo

Yurikamome Line

Yokohama Seaside Line

Saitama New Urban Line

Seibu Yamaguchi line (access rail to Seibu Dome)

(Seibu Dome: the ballpark for the professional baseball team, the Seibu Lions)

Chiba Yamaman Line

monorails in Metro Tokyo

Chiba Urban Monorail

Maihama Monorail

Tama Monorail

Yokohama Shonan Monorail

Tokyo Haneda Monorail

Ueno monorail

]Chiba Urban Monorail's #1 Line is to be extended again in the year of 2008 from Prefectural Govenment Bldg Stn to Municipal Hospital Stn/ Central Museum Stn.

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