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Urban Girl said:
is this a town just near Izmir or is it close to city centre? burası kordon değilmi çok benziyor?!?
it is a neighborhood just like kuvvaci said in the central town Konak, the coastline of Konak starts with the port, continues with Alsancak "Kordon" (till Cumhuriyet Square), Pasaport (here is the "Pier"), Konak Square and then the huge Sahilevleri (Güzelyalı, Göztepe etc.)
the whole gulf is embraced with green areas from Mavişehir (where the city meets the gulf in the north) to Güzelbahçe (which is some 30-40 kms away from Konak)
"Green Necklace to the Izmir Gulf :p" (Körfeze Yeşil Gerdanlık) is a completed project of Ahmet Priştina's, who has had great contributions to Izmir and unfortunately passed away 1 year ago.
Therefore the 70m coastline of Izmir is all like "Kordon"
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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