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VIBRATORS, whips and G-strings – who'd have thought tax could be so exciting?

The Australian Tax Office has issued a revised set of tips for workers in adult industries in an information sheet that would have accountants blushing.

With the decriminalisation of the sex industry well entrenched, the tax office is facing more questions from escorts, strippers and dancers about the ins and outs of deductions and penalties.

While adult workers can't claim a deduction for fitness classes that keep their body in shape and attractive, the tax office says they can claim dance classes.

Lingerie – from Y-fronts to G-strings – are deductible, just like any ordinary piece of work clothing.

Condoms, lubricants, gels and oils, if used solely for earning income, are deductible, as are the cost of replacing and repairing adult novelties such as vibrators.

One of the most common tax deductions claimed by the general workforce is associated with their vehicle.

It's the same for adult workers, who can claim mileage for driving their car from client to client.

But the tax office draws the line on general make-up or hairdressing, saying these can only be claimed if used on the stage.

Like the general workforce, there has been a growth in the number of people working from home.

Adult workers who have a separate room from which they conduct their business can claim tax deductions, including on electricity, cleaning costs and depreciation of equipment and fittings.,10117,19034804-2,00.html


Right, i think the tax office is bored. Maybe a mid-term break? Or perhaps many of the employees in AMP Tower (ATO branch) are part-time brothel concierge. Giving special deals to clients.

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Why can't I claim suits and shirts and ties as tax deductible. My job 'requires' I wear them to look presentable.

Hookers only wear what they want. They could still do their job in a pair of trackies. And lingerie - please what guy is looking at that when they want a cheap dirty lay.

Time to change professions perhaps ;)

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If SEX is their trade and how they earn an honest days wage then fair enough. Even Jesus loved and forgived prostitutes (Personally I recckon that it is the noblest profession in the world). Let's show a bit of open mindedness.
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