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Galatasaray Lycee was originally founded in 1481 by the Ottoman Sultans, but experienced a dramatic transformation when it opened a window to the western world in 1868 by initiating French as the language of instruction.

Galatasaray Lycee became co – educational in 1965. Today, the school receives strong support from the French Government along with the Galatasaray Foundation and its alumni, many of whom are prominent members of the Turkish community. On April 14, 1992, Galatasaray reached another milestone; a new clause was added to the Turkish – French cultural agreement of 1952. Based on this, the Galatasaray Educational and Learning Institution (GEOK) was established. Starting from that day, the school expanded vertically and created an institution providing education from primary school to the university level. In 1996, GEOK officially became the "University of Galatasaray". The primary and high school education of this independent institution, is carried out according to the rules and regulations issued by the Turkish Ministry of Education. The University follows the rules and academic regulations followed by other Turkish institutions of higher education. The teaching medium is primarily French and the French higher education curriculum is used when appropriate.

Students graduating from Galatasaray Lycee have a number of choices for their higher education. They may enter Galatasaray University after passing an internal exam in French. Also, under the Turkish – French cultural agreement of 1952, Galatasaray graduates, who have been accepted to a Turkish University, are entitled to enroll in a French University directly without having to take the French Baccalaureate examination. Furthermore, and with the new agreement of 1992, Galatasaray University Graduates have the opportunity to pursue post-graduate studies at the Sorbonne University, in France. Galatasaray Lycee is fully accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education, French Government and the Galatasaray Foundation.

The building on Istiklal Street is established on 149333 square meters. There are 54 classrooms, each of which is ideal for 30 students, two multimedia centers, two art workshops for 40 students each, two music rooms, two convention centers, one for 250 students the other for 500, one computer lab with 30 computers, one tennis court, three gymnasia, one soccer field, one infirmary for 15 people, a girls dorm for 250 and a boys dorm for 675 and three refectories for 400 people each. Galatasaray Lycee is bilingual and bi – cultural. In addition to French and English, Italian and Latin are also taught. Students enter Galatasaray Lycee at the age of 14 and spend the first two years in an intensive French language program. The high school program (Lise) is a three – year program equivalent to grades 10, 11 and 12, under the American system. Primary education lasts for 8 years. At the end of the eighth year, a level exam determines the capacity of the student to pursue studies in French at the Lycee. The school year is composed of two semesters, one running from early September to late January, and the other from mid – February to early June. There were 180 school days in the 1999 – 2000 school year.


Founded in 1992, under the guidance of the Galatasaray Education Foundation, by the undersigning of the new French – Turkish cultural agreement, Galatasaray University expanded its programs and number of students simultaneously every new year. The one and only higher – education institution, established with the participation of two Presidents, Mr. Francois Mitterand and Mr. Turgut Özal, Galatasaray University has filled a big gap in Turkish education.
With a teaching program adapted from the Sorbonne University in Paris, the university is home to some 2500 students, both at undergraduate and at post-graduate levels.

Located on the Bosphorus, next to the Çiragan Palace, the historic building of Galatasaray University consists of five faculties, two institutes, and three research centers, as well as doctorate and graduate programs.

The faculties, institutes and research centers are as follows:

• School of Law
• Faculty of Economy and Business Administration
• Faculty of Communications
• Faculty of Engineering and Technology
• Faculty of Natural Sciences and Literature
• Natural Sciences Institute
• Social Sciences Institute
• European Union Research Center
• Strategic Research Center
• Law and Criminology Research Center

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cool :eek:kay:
Beautiful!!and what about Galatasaray football club??
sts said:
Beautiful!!and what about Galatasaray football club??
Actually Galatasaray Sport Clup has been founded as the school team at the begining. But after the graduation of the students, they found the clup. All presidents of the clup have to get graduated this school. It has a very old tradition. In Turkey many important and famous people are graduated Galatasaray, politicians, artists, writers, musicians, journalists. Success rate of this school is really very unique...
Galatasaray Sports Club takes the characteristic of its being pioneer in the Turkish sports history from the Galatasaray Lycee, from which it was born and which is also a pioneer by its own. The strong connection between the school and the club is an undeniable reality and a source of pride.

The school was founded in 1482 by II. Beyazit in order to educate statesmen of the future. It took its name from the place it was established and called "Galata Place" (Galata Sarayi). The school became a modern lycee in 1 September 1868 during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz. With the restructuring of the school, the first sportive activities started in its real meaning and Monsieur Curel began to give Physical Education classes in the lycee. These steps were revolutionary. While making the students to work with modern equipments, Curel also organized an Exercise Festival in Kagithane. The year was 1870. At the end of the festival, successful sportsmen got various awards and medals and "rice meal with lamb" were given to the students. This was the start of a tradition in later years.

Foreign physical education teachers after Curel (such as M. Moiroux, Signor Martinetti, Stangali) attached importance to different branches (swimming, rowing, gymnastics with tools) as well as gymnastics and athleticism and thus started other new branches in Turkey. Soon these attempts breeds its fruits and, as well as Faik Üstünidman who made his name written down Turkish sports, Commander Mazhar Kazanci, Abdurrahman and Ahmet Robenson brothers took responsibility in Galatasaray Lycee and made the students to interest in sports like scouting, tennis, hockey. With the initiative of especially Ustunidman, the students got acquainted with football. But this was a different type of football, which resembled the blinds' row and had no rules. However, football once entered Galatasaray Lycee and got a big outbreak.

In 1901 two Englishmen living in Istanbul, James Lafontaine and Horace Armitage, founded Kadikoy Football Club consisting of Greek and English players. But the English players broke away from the club because of a disagreement and founded Moda Club in 1903. In 1904 these two clubs agreed with Imogen, Elpis, and Strugglers clubs to establish Istanbul Football Union and play regular matches in "Union Club" which was in the area that Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium is rising today. As you can see, these clubs were either foreign or minority clubs. The first football matches played among the non - Turkish teams disappointed the students of Galatasaray Lycee. From that time on their aim was to found their own football clubs, to learn the rules of the game they love so much from beginning to end and to measure swords with foreigners.

To beat the non - Turkish teams

The founder of Galatasaray Sports Club, Ali Sami Yen, writes in his book "50th Year" as follows:
"In 1905, we were in the fifth grade of Lycee and we decided to found a Football Club in Galatasaray during a lesson of our literature teacher, the late Mehmet Ata. The first co - founders were the ones who were keen to do this sport, such as Asim Tevfik Sonumut, Reşat Şirvani, Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu, Abidin Daver and Kamil. Among the other Bulgarian and Serbian students in the school, the strong and agile ones also joined us. I became the president and assigned Asim as accountant and Cevdet as vice - president. Asim was assigned as accountant because he was skillful in collecting a penny from our friends each week. I got the presidency by greasing and blowing up the ball. I cared for our ball as if it was my son. Anyway, it was all we got. On the way to school, I passed along the pig street and bought pig oil. I greased the ball with pig oil and blew it up. I cut its patching from my new shoes. My friends saw that and gave more credit to me than anyone else. In those times, the one who worked most, got the presidency and other credits. Cevdet became the vice - president because he was washing the shirts."

"Our aim is to play together like Englishmen, to have a color and a name and to beat the non - Turkish teams"

There were different views about the name to be given to the club. Some proposed the names of Gloria (Victory) or Audace (Courage), but it was agreed on the name "Galatasaray". According to the Researcher Cem Atabeyoglu, the name Galatasaray was born in its first match with a Greek team. In this match, the team beat its rival 2 - 0 and the spectators called them "the masters of Galata Sarayi". The founders accepted that name and said, "our name would be Galata Sarayi".
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Thank you so much Sercan really impressive!!!
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