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#GAME:Qatar Name Game :)

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I got the idea from other threads; but lets play this game.

I'll say a name and you have to say another name that begins with the last letter of mine..

**Only 5aleeji or Arabic Names

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hhhhhhhhh shakelkom metmaleleen men 7ayatkom....
yala dam ana metmalel bal3b :p
oh i sorry i forget to follow the role. so i would say:
x... difficult.. mmmmmmm x.. u made me to search in google to play ^_^ ..

OK i found it ..


it is a female american name and it means "Gift of love (Zaria)"
:bash: i'll kill u i search form name starts with x... because u wrote alex :sly: and i didn't notice ur second reply..

oh my god..

ok Maram.. :cheer:
1 - 20 of 403 Posts
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