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The weather was perfect today so i took the train to Stockholm and walked south, to Södermalm,
i'm not sure how i walked but i think i walked like this(i know ;) )

riddarhuset/the house of the knights

a statue of Gustav Vasa infront of Riddarhuset

the old town

Skatteskrapan and Globen

some people dancing Capoiera

södra station, now i know why it looked exactly as a place behind la Polygone in Montpellier, its the same architect :)

i really like this area,

people coming out of the catholic cathedral St.Lars


people playing basket ball

i was actually surprised of its size,it was bigger then i thought

folksam huset

heading down from the södermalm mosque


and back again, to riddarhuset.

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wow great photos... I dont know why but Stockholm feel so far away from me, atleast picture wise.. for example that Söder skyscraper/exwatertower looks so damn awesome!
Thanx Great shots, every shot of Stockholm is like a light in the dark world of Stockholm that is my head! ;)

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Cool pics, looks like you had some great weather today, something we didn't have here. The area around Södra Station sure is beautiful, specially with the green trees and bushes.

ch1le said:
for example that Söder skyscraper/exwatertower looks so damn awesome!
That ain't an ex-watertower (even though the shape is quite watertowerish), it was built in 1997 so it's quite new. It's the tallest all-residential building in Sweden :)

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Some very good stuff here, especially the picture with ice cream and Söder Torn was pretty clever. There certainly hasn't been too many Stockholm threads lately.
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