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friday 20 May 2005

We already know the winners of the international architectural competition for the Gdańsk townhouse of the 21 century. Last Saturday, the prize-winning and distinguished studies were displayed at the Artus Court together with all other works by competition participants.

The idea behind the competition was to seek a new and contemporary form of the Gdańsk architecture - this is how the Vice-Mayor of Gdańsk and Chairman of the Jury, architect Wiesław Bielawski, presented the base motive of the competition. Since Gdańsk has just embarked on rebuilding townhouses within the Main City quarters, the competition was intended to indicate the possible directions in the development of the Gdańsk architecture. New townhouse fronts can not only add life to that part of the City, but also highlight its urban and architectural identity.

The response to the competition was vivid with 58 entries submitted. The Jury consisted of eight persons: architect Wiesław Bielawski – the Chairman, Prof. Jorg C. Kirschenmann (Germany), Prof. Benedict Tonon (Germany), Prof. Heike Buttner (Germany), Prof. Fons Verheijen (Netherlands), Prof. Tadeusz Zipser (Wrocław, Poland), Prof. Maciej Złowodzki (Kraków, Poland), arch. Elżbieta Sieniawska (Gdańsk, Poland).

The Jury awarded three ex equo prizes of PLN 10 000 each, and 3 ex equo distinctions of PLN 3 300 each. Here are the authors of the winning studies:
Rafał Grzywaczyk from Kraków,
„3A STUDIO” s.c. (Architectural Designers) (Bazyli Domsta, Jan Raniszewski, Katarzyna Lipińska, Maciej Jaśkowiec) from Gdańsk
and the work of unidentified authors

Distinctions were awarded to the works by: „OVO Grąbczewscy Architects” Oskar Grąbczewski from Katowice, Joanna Skibińska from Gdańsk, and Marta Koperska and Paweł Kośmicki from Gdańsk. The works by Salomon Schindler and Urs Fusler, on the other hand, were singled out as studies "interesting in their exploration".

Perhaps the three top studies will set the direction for the desirable future approach to supplementing the historic body of Gdańsk with contemporary substance based on new trends and solutions in architecture. The Competition Jury considered all awarded studies as deserving equal appreciation since they all share the following features:
reflect the authentic contemporary spirit without copying or pretending to merge with the authentic architecture,
successfully combine the past and presence through creative transposition of the traditional conceptual principles of the Gdańsk townhouse,
do not seek confrontation with or domination of their neighbourhood at any cost; instead, they embody spatial harmony,
are modest and moderate in their architectural form, which is of substantial importance for respecting the historic context.

All three awarded designs, though absolutely diverse in their architectural expression, set interesting directions in the search for creative solutions in Gdańsk.

Design by Rafał Grzywaczyk

Design by an unidentified author

Design by 3 A Studio

Design by "OVO Grąbczewscy Architects"

Design by Joanna Skibińska

Design by Marta Koperska and Paweł Kośmicki

Joanna Rutkowska

planning inaction
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it'd be nice to see some of the materials of choice in some of these projects - those can make all the difference.

is this for anything in particular? or just something to provide ideas for guiding future construction?

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The best ones by far are the first and last. I like the others, but they don't strike me as much as much as these two do.
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