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Geert Wilders: Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary

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After the victory of the Right-Wing during the European elections recently, Geert Wilders is in Denmark suggesting that deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary.

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He's just a joke ;)

Hypes come and go. I think his party will not excist in 2 years, he promise things that are against human right law so he cant do them.

His voters will all go back to normal party's when this will hapen...just like LPF and Rita Verdonk (extreme right wing) look how they became...they are real clowns now:

LPF member Joao Varela - is now on a Idols show dancing on the ice

And we had another LPF member that was dancing like a fool at the tv show Jensen :lol:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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