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Geneva is located in the western French-speaking part of Switzerland. It's a small city. You can walk through the key attractions in a few hours. However, it is a very expensive city and oftentimes overlooked by tourists. A McDonald's meal costs 10 Swiss francs and restaurant prices are more astronomical.

Geneva's expensiveness is well documented on many international cost of living surveys. On the other hand, the quality of life is also among the world's best. Perhaps it didn't show too well in the cloudy weather.

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1. I did not intentionally want to visit Geneva at first. It was never on my itinerary. However, since I get a free stopover in Europe on my free transatlantic flight, I thought it'd be neat to fly into Geneva to see what French Switzerland was all about. I was a bit more reluctant to visit Zurich since my German was horrible at best.

2. A major reason why I chose Geneva over other cities was because the airport is only 6 minutes from the city by train. In fact, I was already at my hotel within 30 minutes of picking up my baggage at the airport.




6. The waterfront was quiet on this cloudy afternoon. Geneva had noticeably less tourists than Brussels, which isn't very surprising because everything is so expensive. I don't think I can endure a long stay in Switzerland.

7. Jet d'eau



10. Jardin anglais



13. The mountains are clearly visible in the background. France should be somewhere back there.


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