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German Firm to Build Vienna's Holocaust Memorial
April 5, 2006

Images courtesy Fischer, Naumann and Partners

Stuttgart-based firm Fischer, Naumann and Partners and artist Kirstin Arndt have won an international competition to build Vienna's "Memorial for the Deported Neighbors," to commemorate the suffering of the Jewish community during the Second World War.

The memorial will be located in a park that will be part of Sir Norman Foster's redevelopment plan for the area around the demolished Aspang Railway Station. The design calls for a 98-foot-long by seven-foot-wide trench cutting through the park. Engraved in the sunken stainless-steel walls of the 16-foot-deep trench will be the names of thousands of deportees. Visitors will wear a path on the ground up to and around the memorial that FNP partner Martin Naumann says will have, "poetic value."

In a statement responding to critics who have argued that the memorial will diminish the value of names displayed in the Seitenstettengasse Synagogue, Naumann says: "The fact that we propose to list the names, again, is not about diminishing the value of any other listing. The murdered people should be remembered as individuals, not only by vast numbers."

Completion of the approximately $490,000 memorial is set for 2008, although this could be delayed because Foster's masterplan is currently on hold.

Robert Such
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