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German towns of today untouched or less desroyed

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within this thread i just wanted to post links of towns of today which were untouched or less destroyed during WWII, for visiting and making pics on your next trio or just to see less known (mostly smaler) towns.

2 Links where are many many many oldtowns are listed.

Includes rebuilded oldtowns which got destroyed, but also the smaler untouched onesädte_mit_historischem_Stadtkern

German Framework Road Offical Site in English language

german wikipedia site of the framework roadße

Alright and now random examples! :banana: cross-countryölz

Aaaaand last but not least the french city Straßbourg :lol:

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Beautiful towns. Very interesting thread. Thanks for the pictures.
It's always nice to see pics of small german cities... They're so cute (most of them, at least, heheh)... Monschau looks a fairy-tale town...:cool:

Anyways, thanks for sharing! :)
You first think "olttowns look all the same" but if you look closer the difference are in the details, which makes every building unique :)




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I just discovered this thread. Fantastic work :applause:

Please continue it! :)
wowow....these are beautiful German towns and cities and I'm loving them.

Where is that from? Somewhere in Prussia, I assume.
Excellent...this is the kind of towns I really love to see/visit.....wish we have more towns of the likes in my country, Malaysia.....thanks for this creative thread...

Where is that from? Somewhere in Prussia, I assume.
No, that is from Wiesbaden. The capital of the german federal state of hesse.
In front of the Citycastle, today the place of the Landtag of Hesse.

In 1905 there was a traffíc refuge. The shape of the refuge was reconstructed with this mosaik in 2004. It shows the eagle of prussia. nassau became of kingdom of prussia in 1866. Besides the eagle, the whole mossaik shows the lion of hesse, the lion of nassau and the white eagle of frankfurt.

Thats also somewhere in Wiesbaden
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Thanks, Mabuse. And what's a 'traffic refuge'?
Thanks, Mabuse. And what's a 'traffic refuge'?
such a thing

or such a thing
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Ah, I see, danke!
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