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The trip so far:

All photos obtained from Windows Live Local.

1. Freiburg
2. Offenburg
3. Karlsruhe
4. Mannheim
5. Heilbronn
6. Stuttgart
7. Ulm
8. Augsburg
9A. Munich, Central
9B. Munich, North
9C. Munich, South
10. Nuremburg
11. Bamberg
12. Erfurt
13. Weimar
14. Jena
15. Gera



Location of photos

1. A short while later we arrived in Chemnitz.

2. We found our hotel downtown and dropped off our stuff, then picked up our car rental. But first, as usual, we began to walk around downtown. What a difference from all the other places we had visited! This is all that was left of the original Medieval town center.

3. Most of the rest of downtown looked like this. Brave New World! Rational Man gazing confidently into the future! . . . And I loved it!! :D :banana:

4. At the southern end of downtown, more modernistic glory!

5. We found a place to eat lunch, then returned to our hotel to pick up our car. We then proceeded south. Just south of downtown we passed through a neighborhood which had some *somewhat* older flats. You could see many parcels where apartment buildings had been torn down. In other places, they were being fixed up.

6. Hans, having been here before, had told me this city had a lot of industrial in it, old and new, and upon mentioning this I begged to drive through a lot of them. "Why not?" said Franz. "There's not much else to see in this city!" We all laughed. In this area south of downtown you could see some new replacing the old. These buildings were part of a technical university.

7. More industry, of mixed ages, with some other stuff mixed in.

8. To the south of that was a large, wonderous industrial facility, nice and new - with a playing field in the middle! I was in heaven!

9. In a lot of places, industrial was being replaced by big-box commercial.

10. Just a random industrial pic.

11. In Chemnitz, I think I saw more shopping malls and "power centers" than I had seen in any other city we went to. Here was one of them.

12. Also, we saw more commieblocks than in any city we'd been to to date.

13. More.

14. But as we traveled farther south, we left the commieblocks area and arrived at some more traditional towns.

15. Another one.

16. We decided to go back north, and got on the freeway to do so.

17. When we saw . . . another big shopping center. With an Ikea! :banana:

18. A large collection of aging industrial.

19. And a typical suburban type area.

20. This was an addition to some big institutional complex being built.

21. And another suburban area.

22. A small village center.

23. And an old factory in a semi-rural area.

24. It was getting late so we headed back to our hotel downtown, passing through some denser neighborhoods on the way.

25. The next morning we headed out east again, passing through some neighborhoods that seemed somehow . . . transitional.

26. More of the same. Again, there seemed to be many lots which once had apartments on them which were now gone.

27. In this area we encountered an incredible old factory which I would just DIE to turn into apartments, and across from it was another big shopping center. We had breakfast in a roadside place here.

28. We took a small detour off the main road to check out a little neighborhood. It was just some nice houses and condos.

29. Afterwards, we took a left to head south, so I could get more of my industrial fix!

30. And my commieblock fix!

31. There were some HUGE areas of Scherbergarten.

32. And another shopping center.

33. More commieblocks. They were fixing up many of them. Beautiful!

34. Still more Schrebergarten, right next to a handy and convenient garden store!

35. We headed back toward town, passing still more commieblocks.

36. At the north edge of downtown there was a little lake. I was just dying to buy the plot of land at the bottom-right of this picture and build a nice development.

37. We ate a late lunch here, in a (sort of) old neighborhood west of downtown.

38. Afterwards we headed to the northwest, passing through some interesting neighborhoods. Some of the buildings in this picture were pretty forlorn, others were in good condition.

39. Corbusier's dream, no doubt.

40. To the north they were adding a big addition to a hospital.

41. To the north of that there was some old, decaying industrial buildings, still used, however.

42. And driving along the main road going west we passed through some pleasant neighborhoods.

43. After we crossed over the freeway, we encountered . . . yet another big, modern shopping center.
"Good god," I said to Hans and Franz. "All these modern shopping centers makes me feel like I'm in Atlanta, or something!" Anyway, we parked our car and ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the mall.

44. Afterwards we hopped back into our car. To the west of the shopping center was a business park.

45. And just beyond that was a quaint little town center.

46. We got on the freeway, passing beneath an interesting old railroad bridge.

47. Then got off the freeway to head back to our hotel downtown. But first we got to pass through some excellent industrial areas! This was sort-of newer stuff.

48. And this was a fantastic old factory! It was just dying to buy it an turn it into lofts and a shopping center!!!! :banana:

49. Some drab stuff. You could tell there were a lot of plots where they had torn down old industrial buildings.

50. The power plant, whose smokestack you could see for miles around.

51. Then as we got back toward the center of town, factories, apartment flats and Scherbergarten all met.

52. The next morning we headed northeast of downtown and quickly encountered . . . another shopping center. We decided to eat breakfast here.

53. Just beyond that were some semi-old flats.

54. Then we reached a distant neighborhood which was kinda boring, so we turned back.

55. This was just east of downtown. Much better!

56. Just to the south of that, a big church rose among the apartments.

57. As you went farther south, however, the apartments got less dense.

58. We headed east, and came across . . . commieblock heaven!

59. A few more, with some garden apartments and small shopping centers.

60. Another massive collection of Schrebergarten.

61. And far to the southeast, some very suburby suburbs.

62. Some more commieblocks.

63. And a mixture of garden apartments with yet more Schrebergarten.

64. Another old factory complex.

65. A little village center.

66. And yet another little village center.

Well, this was one of my favorite places so far, if only because it was so . . . different! But it was time to head back to our hotel, drop off our car, pack our stuff, and . . .On to Dresden!
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