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Location of photos

1. So, once again our train pulled into the train station.

2. This time we stopped at our hotel at the bottom-left first to unload our belongings. Then we went to a cafe near the plaza to sit and drink a few beers.

3. We walked around downtown a bit more.

4. After which point we rented a car once again and began to drive around. We went here to the south end of downtown.

5. Then headed east.

6. We turned left to go north, and once again passed through some nice but no too remarkable neighborhoods. By now I was clearly beginning to discern a pattern with these German cities.

7. But, alas, there was salvation in the area. Unlike Mannheim and Karlsruhe which had no vineyards, here in Heilbronn we struck gold again. We bought some wine at this vineyard here. It turned out the guy who owned this vineyard knew Han's cousin!

8. I once again wanted my industrial fix.

9. And we all wanted yet another vineyard fix!

10. More vineyards and other farms at the outskirst of town. Lovely!

11. North of the city there was a modernistic skyscraper rising up over some vineyards. Love the contrast!

12. And to the north of that, another cute town.

13. I got more industrial fix - this was huge!

14. Across the river, the commercial edge of yet another town abutted some farms.

15. Just to the left of ^that^ photo was the town itself. We had an early dinner here, drinking our wine with the dinner. We found a lovely Italian restaurant.

16. After dinner we drove a bit west to the edge of the town.

17. Until we came to the rural area. Even some of the farm buildings had solar panels!

18. To the south, industrial areas directly fronted the fields once again.

19. Then we headed still south through the rural areas, wanting to check out one more town before we called it a day.

20. This was the town.

21. We headed back east again, toward the center of Heilbronn.

22. And passed through an industrial area on the way to downtown. We headed to our hotel and hit the sack.

23. The next morning was clear and sunny. Once again we wanted to check out another neighborhood. We ate breakfast in a cafe here.

24. We checked out a large park afterward.

25. Drove along the road which paralleled the river.

26. Then decided to head east to see if there was anything interesting on the east edge of town. Not too much. Here was some new development.

27. And this, too. This should have been placed before the above photo. Oh well.

28. Although there weren't too many interesting towns over here, there were some more nice farms and vineyards.

29. But we decided to head back west, passing through town again.

30. After crossing the river we headed north.

31. To check out a little town we had missed yesterday. We had lunch here.

32. These were just some nice new townhouses on the outskirts of this town.

33. We headed back east once again to check out some more vineyards. The waitress at our lunch place recommended a certain winery east of town. These houses were right near it.

34. Afterwards we headed back to our hotel to call it a day. We rented a movie at the hotel and drank the wine. It was excellent!

35. The next day, our train was to leave a bit later than we usually departed, so before we dropped off our rental car we decided to check out 2 more towns. This was one . . .

36. . . . and this was the other. We went back to the hotel, picked up our stuff, turned in our car and headed back to the train station.

Stuttgart, here we come!
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