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Location of photos

1. About an hour after we left Stuttgart, we arrived at Ulm. I honestly had never heard of this city until we began planning our trip!

2. In the Medieval heart of the city there was a cathedral which towered over everything else. We went inside and looked around. Magnificent! You can see what it looked like inside here.

3. We booked a room in a cute little hotel in the heart of the city. Once again, after doing so we sat at a cafe and enjoyed the scenery.

4. Since this was a smaller city we decided not to rent a car. We did, however, find a place to rent bicycles and began touring the city this way. Downtown was a mixture of some new alongside the old.

5. North of downtown were some nice but unremarkable (by German standards) residential areas.

6. To the near-southwest of downtown was more of the same. I remarked to Hans and Franz that, areas like this which are considered nice but not-too-remarkable in Germany, would be considered quaint, priceless treasures in the US, swarming with tourists!

7. Across the river to the south was Neu Ulm, or New Ulm. It was, by my (American) standards, still quite "old," but we're talking about Europe here, where something 100 years old is considered to be new and modern.

8. To be quite honest, our main motivation for renting bicycles instead of a car was to work off some of the excess calories we had already accumulated in the previous 6 cities! We even ventured out to the far eastern parts of the city, where the city met the rural areas.

9. But all this biking around made us thirsty, so we bought ourselves some Cokes.

10. And then continued to bike around the southeast edges of the city.

11. As well as some nearby new residential developments.

12. It was already 5pm and we were only able to cover some areas around downtown and the southeast of the city, so we headed back toward town, passing through some residential areas on the way.

13. The next morning we headed out south of downtown, riding through some residential areas. On the road at the top of this picture here, Hans almost got hit by a truck!

14. Here were some EADS facilities. EADS is, of course, the parent company of evil Airbus. Being a highly partisan Boeing fan myself, I contemplated bombing these facilties here.

15. But common sense got the better of me as we continued through some southwestern neighborhoods.

16. To the far southwest were some really new neighborhoods at the edge of the farms.

17. At one point we decided to catch a bus and head toward the northern parts of town. Glady, the buses had facilities to let us bring our bikes along. We got off near an IKEA and had lunch in an adjacent shopping center.

18. We headed west and passed by some large, modernistic facility.

19. And then, once again, into some more residential areas. I continued to note the commonality of newer residences and other buildings with solar panels on their roofs.

20. We made our way to a far-northwestern town/suburb, then turned around and headed back east.

21. We veered off to the north-central outskirts of town and passed through a science office park.

22. Which included the University of Ulm.

23. At the far north edge of the metropolis (if you want to call it that) was a quaint little town. We stopped here for refreshments.

24. Off to the east we could see a large tower-like building piercing the sky. We were curious and decided to investigate. When we got there, we couldn't figure out what it was. It was just some big tower rising above some industrial building. Whatever it was, the views from the top of it must be great!

25. Once again it was already late in the afternoon and we decided to head back to town, passing through some nice but mundane neighborhoods on the way.

26. And we also passed by some sort of educational institution nearby.

27. The next day we decided to head east. While passing by this park I got a flat tire. :( Fortunately there was a bicycle store nearby where I got it fixed. :)

28. Most of Ulm was reasonably moderate terrain, but there were some hills. We continued northeast and worked up quite a sweat going up here.

29. At the top of the hill were some strange institutional-looking buildings. At this point we decided to take one of Ulm's cute yellow buses back down the hill, to save a little time.

30. It was about 2pm and we figured we had just enough time left in the day to explore some of Ulm's eastern areas. Here was a typical residential area. We stopped in a restaurant here and had some beer and brats. :)

31. We continued a little farther east to a town called Pfhul - which I jokingly referred to as, "Fool."

32. And the headed south to the railroad tracks, where the city turned into country. Speaking of railroads, tomorrow morning was our train and it was time to head back.

33. We took one little detour to a close-in neighborhood north of downtown, but then headed back to our hotel and called it a day.

Yet another pleasant little city we must say goodbye to. Time to hop on the train again and head for Augsburg!
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