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The trip so far:

1. Freiburg
2. Offenburg
3. Karlsruhe
4. Mannheim
5. Heilbronn
6. Stuttgart
7. Ulm
8. Augsburg


MUNICH - Central

Location of photos

1. About 40 minutes after leaving Augsburg, we arrived in Munich. The train station was huge!

2. We had planned to stay here about a week, far longer than any other stop. So we first dropped our stuff off at the hotel and once again I donned my lederhosen . . .

. . . and my hat.

We then headed out to walk around. We first visited the fabulous City Hall and the Church of Our Lady.

3. We then passed by the National Theater.

4. And walked through some of the twisting Medieval streets.

5. And passed by the Hofgarten.

6. There were some grand old buildings.

7. And some grand residential areas to the north. We had lunch at a cafe here.

8. Afterwards, we walked through the park.

9. And emerged at the west end of the park where an arch and the library greeted us.

10. By now it was mid-afternoon and we spent the next few hours touring the large art galleries and museums found west of the park.

11. After looking at the art, we headed west several blocks and had brats, beer and sauerkrat at a restaurant here. I felt like a real native in my lederhosen!

12. After dinner we walked around a little more, then went back to the hotel and called it a night.

13. The next day we got up bright and early and began walking about again. We headed west from our hotel and passed by a large construction project.

14. It was Sunday, so we headed south and went to church.

15. Afterwards, we walked through some residential areas.

16. And some more. We had lunch here.

17. Next we went to the German Museum, and spent a few hours touring the science and technology exhibits.

18. Afterwards we walked south along the river, passing the Bavarian state parliament building.

19. And then we headed east a few blocks to see yet another glorious cathedral.

20. For dinner we ate at a restaurant in another lovely residential area. We stayed in this area for the rest of the night, stopping a a pub to get really drunk!

21. The next moring we decided to continue exploring northeast of the city center. Another heat wave had begun, and we decided to spend a bit of time at the public swimming pool.

22. Afterwards we continued north where we encountered some beautiful old houses.

23. As well as some nondescript apartment blocks. Here, as in other parts of the city, we noticed that a new transit line was busily being built.

24. To the north we encountered some really modern buildings, and at this point decided to head back toward the river and some older parts of town.

25. Much better! Here we had brunch.

26. We then decided to catch a bus and head south, since we hadn't been there yet. We passed by some industy. "Oh, let's stop here! I need my industrial fix!" So here we got off the bus.

27. Going back north there were some more grand streets and residential areas.

28. But farther to the east it got boring.

29. And even more boring.

30. We hopped on a bus again and went several blocks south. We began to encounter some neighborhoods which almost looked like American single-family towns. I began to feel out of place with my lederhosen. :(

31. And to the east was just some more nice, but nondescript, residential areas.

32. So once again we hopped on a bus and headed west in search of some more interesting areas. It was almost time for dinner and we needed to find a nice place to eat. We found an Italian restaurant here and had an early dinner.

33. After dinner we walked around the neighborhood for a while. I had already gained 5 pounds on this trip and needed to burn some calories! :(

34. And this was more of the same area. Finally it was getting dark and we headed back to our hotel for the night.

35. The next morning we headed south along the river again on a bus. We had breakfast at a cafe here.

36. Then we headed northwest to see some more nice residential areas.

37. More of the same area.

38. To the north there was yet another large cathedral. And immediately to its west was an immense open plot of land which appeared to be some future construction area. We couldn't figure out what was going to be built here.

39. We hopped on another bus and headed south again, to check out an area we had not quite reached. It was nice, but unremarkable.

40. So we headed toward the river again and caught a bus heading back north. Yesterday we had passed near some modern new buildings northeast of the old town but didn't see them up close.

41. So we headed there to check them out. We ate in a restaurant here. Businessmen in suits were everywhere.

42. To the northeast, we saw an industrial building with solar panels covering the roof.

43. And to the south across the railroad tracks was some more modern commercial development.

44. It was getting late in the afternoon, so we headed back to the center of town along the river. We passed by the falls.

45. And went back to our hotel. We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant that night.
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