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Here are some photos from the holiday-trip I had 2 years ago in Karlsruhe (Germany), Wagenborgen, Delfzjil, Groningen (Holland) and Paris, Conflans-sur-Anille and some other small cities (France).

Initially I'll post only some photios from Karlsruhe, but when I will have more time I'll add the pictures from the other places too.

Karlsruhe is a city in south-west Germany(at the border with France), very, very close to Strasbourg in France. 288.000 people live in Karlsruhe, and the city covers an area almost the size of Bucharest, 173 km2 to be more exact. Most of the city was destroyed in WW2 bombings, that's why there are a lot of modern buildings in the city (which you won't have the pleasure to see, because i don't think i have a lot of pictures with them:lol:).

This is the Karlsruhe Palace, situated in a big park in the center of the city.

The palace was constructed by:

For the tram fans :) This is the city center. Right behind is the Karlsruhe Palace.

Entrance to the park around the castle:

One of the towers of the castle.

Every weekend there are special events organized in the park around the castle.

Entrance to the inner courtyard of the Palace.

Some pictures from the inner courtyard.

The Palace, again.

View from the Palace, towards the city center.

Some random pics with the street on which my friends lived.

These two pictures are from the Karlsruhe University Campus. Very nice.

I'll be back with more!

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Amsterdam - Holland / december 2008

un fel de Tico mai mic :nuts:

^^ se observa bicicleta aia cu rotile'n sus :lol:

Red Light District :righton:

o pisi " sparta " intr'un coffe shop :lol:
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